Americus, Book I
Americus, Book I

Lawrence Ferlinghetti lights out for the territories with Book I of his own born-in-the-U.S.A. epic, Americus.

Describing Americus as "part documentary, part public pillow-talk, part personal epic—a descant, a canto unsung, a banal history, a true fiction, lyric and political," Ferlinghetti combines "universal texts, snatches of song, words or phrases, murmuring of love or hate, from Lotte Lenya to the latest soul singer, sayings and shibboleths from Yogi Berra to the National Anthem, the Gettysburg Address or the Ginsberg Address, that haunt our nocturnal imagination." This book is a wake-up call that breaks new ground in the grand tradition of Whitman, W.C. Williams, Charles Olson, and Ezra Pound, as Ferlinghetti cruises our literary and political landscapes, past and present, to create an autobiography of American consciousness.

Title Americus, Book I
Publisher New Directions
Title First Published 28 September 2005
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 96 p.
ISBN-10 0811216411
ISBN-13 9780811216418
Publication Date 28 September 2005
Main content page count 96
Weight 16 oz.
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages

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