Little Labors
Little Labors
Rivka Galchen

Precisely what I imagine internal mother musings to be, all written remarkably in the company of a puma-like baby human. —Recommended by Cassie, City Lights Books

Sei Shonagon's The Pillow Book—a key inspiration for Rivka Galchen's new book—contains a list of "Things That Make One Nervous." And wouldn't the blessed event top almost anyone’s list?

Little Labors is a slanted, enchanted literary miscellany. Varying in length from just a sentence or paragraph to a several-page story or essay, Galchen’s puzzle pieces assemble into a shining, unpredictable, mordant picture of the ordinary-extraordinary nature of babies and literature. Anecdotal or analytic, each part opens up an odd and tender world of wonder. The 47 Ronin; the black magic of maternal love; babies morphing from pumas to chickens; the quasi-repellent concept of "women writers"; origami-ophilia in Oklahoma as a gateway drug to a lifelong obsession with Japan; discussions of favorite passages from the Heian masterpiecesGenji and The Pillow Book; the frightening prevalence of orange as today’s new chic color for baby gifts; Frankenstein as a sort of baby; babies gold mines; babies as tiny Godzillas …

Little Labors–atomized and exploratory, conceptually byzantine and freshly forthright–delights.

Title Little Labors
Author Rivka Galchen
Publisher New Directions
Title First Published 17 May 2016
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 96 p.
ISBN-10 0811225585
ISBN-13 9780811225588
Publication Date 17 May 2016
Main content page count 96
Weight 32 oz.

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