Joe's Word
Joe's Word
An Echo Park Novel (City Lights Noir)

"Good things always seem to come in the small, neat editions packaged in the City Lights Noir series. Joe's Word gets my nod for the wry wit of its author, Elizabeth Stromme, and for the amused affection she has for an unglamorous neighborhood at the losing end of Sunset Boulevard." - The New York Times

"It's hard to understand why this delightful novel made its debut in France in 1996 and has only just graced its hometown, but it may be that the French love our L.A. noir almost as much — the French publishers even more — than we do. The Joe of the title is a writer for hire, the modern equivalent of a medieval scribe. - Los Angeles Times

"Stromme packages her moral message in a pitch-perfect rendition of a postwar crime novel, complete with an existentially slow buildup to the main action and a large helping of sexual perversion. This is the novel Jim Thompson would write if he were still kicking." - Booklist

"Intriguing, offbeat noir fiction" - Lev Raphael, Detroit Free Press