The Shadow and its Shadow
The Shadow and its Shadow
Surrealist Writings on the Cinema

Edited by Paul Hammond

Available light / Paul Hammond
Some surrealist advice / The Surrealist Group
War letter / Jacques Vaché
On décor / Louis Aragon
Cinema U.S.A. / Philippe Soupault
Battlegrounds and commonplaces / René Crevel
Against commercial cinema / Benjamin Péret
Buster Keaton's College / Luis Buñuel
Abstract of a critical history of the cinema / Salvador Dalí
The marvelous is popular / Ado Kyrou
As in a wood / André Breton
Picture palaces / Robert Desnos
Plan for a cinema at the bottom of a lake / Bernard Roger
The lights go up / Jacques Brunius
Surrealism and cinema / Jean Goudal
Introduction to black-and-white magic / Albert Valentin
Crossing the bridge / Jacques Brunius
Sorcery and cinema / Antonin Artaud
The screen's prestige / Jacques Brunius
Remarks on cinematic oneirism / Robert Benayoun
The cinema, instrument of poetry / Luis Buñuel
Malombra, aura of absolute love / The Romanian Surrealist Group
Data toward the irrational enlargement of a film: The Shanghai Gesture / The Surrealist Group
The film and I / Ado Kyrou
Cinemage / Man Ray
Another kind of cinema / Marcel Mariën
Intention and surprise / Nora Mitrani
The ideal summa / Petr Král
Turkey broth and unlabeled love potions / Gérard Legrand
The fantastic - the marvelous / Ado Kyrou
Concerning King Kong / Jean Ferry
Larry Semon's message / Petr Král
Hands off love / The Surrealist Group
Chaplin, the copper's nark / Jean-Louis Bédouin
Manifesto of the Surrealists concerning L'Âge d'or / The Surrealist Group
Zaroff; or, The prosperities of vice / Robert Benayoun
Eroticism / Robert Desnos
Eroticism = love / Ado Kyrou
Au repas des guerrières / Nelly Kaplan
Female x film = fetish / Gérard Legrand
Mae Murray / Jacques Rigaut
"Enchanted wanderer": excerpt from a journey album for Hedy Lamarr / Joseph Cornell
Iron in the wound / Alain Joubert
Pornographers & Co. / Robert Lebel
Selected films made by Surrealists
A parting shot