The Shadow and its Shadow
The Shadow and its Shadow
Surrealist Writings on the Cinema

Edited by Paul Hammond

Here is a classic collection of writings by the Surrealists on their mad love of moviegoing. Forty-odd theoretical, polemical, and poetical essays document Surrealism's scandalous and nonreductive take on film. The essayists include such names as Breton, Aragon, Desnos, Dali, Bunuel, and Man Ray, as well as many of the less famous, though equally fascinating figures of the movement.

Table of Contents:Available light / Paul Hammond

Some surrealist advice / The Surrealist Group
War letter / Jacques Vache
On decor / Louis Aragon
Cinema U.S.A. / Philippe Soupault
Battlegrounds and commonplaces / Rene Crevel
Against commercial cinema / Benjamin Peret
Buster Keaton's College / Luis Bunuel
Abstract of a critical history of the cinema / Salvador Dali

The marvelous is popular / Ado Kyrou

As in a wood / Andre Breton
Picture palaces / Robert Desnos
Plan for a cinema at the bottom of a lake / Bernard Roger
The lights go up / Jacques Brunius
Surrealism and cinema / Jean Goudal
Introduction to black-and-white magic / Albert Valentin
Crossing the bridge / Jacques Brunius
Sorcery and cinema / Antonin Artaud
The screen's prestige / Jacques Brunius
Remarks on cinematic oneirism / Robert Benayoun
The cinema, instrument of poetry / Luis Bunuel
Malombra, aura of absolute love / The Romanian Surrealist Group
Data toward the irrational enlargement of a film: The Shanghai Gesture / The Surrealist Group

The film and I / Ado Kyrou
Cinemage / Man Ray
Another kind of cinema / Marcel Marien
Intention and surprise / Nora Mitrani
The ideal summa / Petr Kral
Turkey broth and unlabeled love potions / Gerard Legrand
The fantastic - the marvelous / Ado Kyrou
Concerning King Kong / Jean Ferry
Larry Semon's message / Petr Kral
Hands off love / The Surrealist Group
Chaplin, the copper's nark / Jean-Louis Bedouin
Manifesto of the Surrealists concerning L'ge d'orr / The Surrealist Group

Zaroff; or, The prosperities of vice / Robert Benayoun
Eroticism / Robert Desnos
Eroticism = love / Ado Kyrou
Au repas des guerrieres / Nelly Kaplan
Female x film =

Title The Shadow and its Shadow
Subtitle Surrealist Writings on the Cinema
Edited by Paul Hammond
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Title First Published 01 November 2000
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 232 p.
ISBN-10 087286376X
ISBN-13 9780872863767
Publication Date 01 November 2000
Main content page count 232
Dimensions 6 x 9 in.
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $19.95

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