World Ball Notebook

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World Ball Notebook

"Sesshu Foster reads from a collection of narrative prose poems from the genre-breaking World Ball Notebook. (Running Time: 11:00.)

The first team sport in human history was played with a ball made of stone, on courts that have been found from the Mayan ruins of Central America to Arizona. Thus we find a soccer dad walking the sidelines of a scuffed LA field, its goal lines swirling, nets strung loosely between daylight and the spirit world -- Foster's inimitably fierce and powerfully evocative mix of the fantastic and the mundane."

-The Writer's Block, KQED Nov 8, 2009

Steve Abee & Sesshu Foster

"Two powerful Los Angeles poets on par with other Angelino luminaries like Kamau Daaood, Luis Rodriguez & Lewis MacAdams are Steve Abee & Sesshu Foster. Both of these authors released new books recently. Over the course of one week in September 2009, I was able to see both poets read live. Though they are both very individual and stylized they share an urgency and raw truth seldom seen or spoken of in celluloid city."

-Mike Sonksen, on his blog Dec 23, 2009

City Lights Books: Sesshu Foster, World Ball Notebook
"[Foster] is playful, and of course we see this in the game format of the this book, i.e. each poem is a "game". . . Optometry questionnaires and Trader Joe's grocery lists, internet memes are all a part of that world of soccer games, giving his daughter rides to the wrong airport during LA rush hour gridlock traffic, standing in line at the DMV for hours and having a crappy or dorky driver's license picture to commemorate those many hours in the DMV line, and so the poetic forms he uses also have range, as does the book's emotional content."
-Barbara Jane Reyes, Poeta y Diwata Apr 30, 2009

Sesshu Foster Profile
"Sesshu Foster is a contemporary poet whose work focuses on the multifaceted identities of the people who live and work in Los Angeles. More specifically, his work examines how people of different ethnic backgrounds interact within the power structure of Los Angeles and how they affect the cultural composition of the city."
-Discover Nikkei Jul 27, 2008

R. Zamora Linmark and Sesshu Foster
"Sesshu Foster's reading, his work, I am still trying to figure out what to do about it in my head. He briefly discussed how working on different writing projects differs, and regarding his very soon forthcoming World Ball Notebooks, he’s gathered fragments, postcards, etc. and I can only imagine he’s crafted them into some kind of overarching narrative involving literal and figurative ball game. Still, with some of his fragments, I’d think I was starting to get the image, then what follows is some non sequitur that maybe isn’t so non sequitur. One of his fragments I keep thinking of: the man on the phone with this woman, who is also in the next room, and the miscommunication here is that it seems neither know they are in adjacent rooms. So as he tells her on the phone to hold on, because he has to respond to the woman next door, she is on the phone, indignant at being put aside by him. The end image: biting into a hotdog, that salt and hot and (maybe) wet. Yo, what did I miss there?"
-Barbara Jane Reyes, Poeta y Diwata Oct 5, 2008

Ave 50 Studio - Sesshu Foster

Sesshu Foster reads his work at Avenue 50 Studio in video clip.

-www.Poetry.LA Nov 16, 2008