Like a Dog
Like a Dog

The Riveter

"Jepsen's writing is dense and does important intellectual labor. . . . She takes on tough subjects, and her thoughts are complex, lack pretension, and are refreshingly honest. . . . there's a lot to be said for the gut-punching rawness of Like a Dog. It feels like Jepsen has been holding this story for a long time." —Jenean Marie Gilmer


"Jepsen's first outing is filled with razor-sharp observations about this generation's ennui and the myriad ways people screw up their lives, and she vividly evokes the vast stretches of California that lie between the major metropolises of Los Angeles and San Francisco." —Kristine Huntley

ELLE Magazine

"If you're already a Tara Jepsen fan from watching her on the Amazon series Transparent, don't miss her accomplished debut novel, Like a Dog, about a free-spritig Cali skateboarder, Paloma, who adores her hard-to-love addict brother, Peter, a 'beautiful dude' with 'long hair in a wild golden snarl around his head.'" —Lisa Shea