Lotería Cards and Fortune Poems
A Book of Lives
Illustrated by Artemio Rodríguez

**Congratulations to Juan Felipe Herrera, who was appointed U.S. Poet Laureate for 2015-2016, the first Latino poet to receive this honor!**

The gorgeous black and white line art inside this hefty little book instantly caught my eye. These linocut drawings were not the regular loteria images. They were modern adaptations, made with painstaking detail (think of a turn-of-the-millenium, wired Posada) and showing a distinctive sense of humor and pathos. The poetry, commissioned especially for the drawings, also showed a fresh and modern take on the icons of Mexicanismo and Chicanismo."-Frontera Magazine

Table of Contents

The Lottery
The Hunchback
The Armadillo
The Fly
The Bell
The Horse
The Press
The Smokers
The Pear
The Guitar
The Little Saint
The Rooster
The Bicycle
The Archangel
The Palm Tree
The Hermit
The Bat
The Witch
The Friends
The Cactus
The Hand
The Fruit
The Pig
The Glutton
The Flight
The Ostrich
The Fall
The Virgin
The Tree
The Star
The Bottle
The Drunkards
The Scorpion
The Clown
The Prodigal Son
The Soldier
The Hunter
The Mermaid
The Lion
The Wrestler
The Wetback
The Immigration Officer
The Railroad
The Ladder
The Serpent
The Dancer
The Scissors
The Plague
The Giant
The Musicians
The Poet
The Devil
The Goat
The Victim
The Flag
The Canoe
The Circus
The Camel
Bad Government
The Sun
The Fish
The Wound
The Chair
The Worker
The Airplane
The Trap
The Heart
The Sword
The Comet
The Beggars
The Cat
The Horseman
The Cow
The Magician
The Absent One
The Crab
The Lizard
The Sandals
The Knife
The Hen
The Inspired One
The Deer
The Zapatista
The Dog
The Old Man
The Monkey
The Hanged One
The Eagle
The Bath
The Guardian Angel
The World
The Rose

Title Lotería Cards and Fortune Poems
Subtitle A Book of Lives
Illustrated by Artemio Rodríguez
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Title First Published 01 September 1999
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 208 p.
ISBN-10 087286359X
ISBN-13 9780872863590
Publication Date 01 September 1999
Main content page count 208
Dimensions 5.5 x 6.3 in.
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $18.95

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