Low Bite
Low Bite

Full of ovaries and bravada, this is not a girls-gone-wild-behind-bars pulp tale. But it is an underground classic thankfully back in print. It is also a picture of life behind bars and the hustle to stay cool and get out without playing out or getting played. You get to go along for the ride. Lucky. --Recommended by Dia, City Lights Books

A tough as nails underground classic, this prison novel is narrated by Morgan -- a 26-year-old woman convicted of breaking and entering -- who works in the prison's law library, offering shoddy legal counsel to other inmates. Morgan however, has plenty of enemies, like Johnson, the lesbian-hating warden; Alex, a lawyer who doesn't appreciate the jail's free legal advice; China, a Latina convicted of conspiracy to commit murder; and Rosalie and Birdeye, serious rustlers whose loyalty lasts about as long as their cigarettes hold out. Gritty and filled with a wide spectrum of vivid characters, this novel is a riveting account of life inside a female prison.

Title Low Bite
Author Sin Soracco
Publisher PM Press
Title First Published 01 May 2010
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 160 p.
ISBN-10 1604862262
ISBN-13 9781604862263
Publication Date 01 May 2010
Main content page count 160
Weight 16 oz.

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