Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos
A Life in the Theater

San Francisco Chronicle

"What carries Chaos, and makes it at times a compelling read, is Perloff's wide-ranging mind and often perceptive insights on matters artistic and more earthbound. She isn’t one of those directors given to analyzing and probing her artistic or managerial misfires — there’s very little second-guessing here, even on productions that, charitably, might be looked at as learning opportunities. But there are, yes, brilliant analyses of the work of such artists as Pinter, Samuel Beckett and Robert Wilson. There are passionate and persuasive arguments for the need for arts in the schools, actors’ training and the development of what she calls 'locavore theater,' as well as sharp looks at the tech-driven problems for companies trying to survive in San Francisco today."—Robert Hurwitt

"Stage Directions Magazine"
Sep 30, 2015

"In Beautiful Chaos, Carey Perloff, artistic director of San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater, examines her career, art and theatre."

- Stage Directions Magazine

Feature in Hoodline
Sep 12, 2016

A.C.T. Director's Memoir Chosen For Library's Annual 'One City, One Book' Honor

- Hoodline

"An excerpt on Indiewire's 'Women and Hollywood'"
Apr 6, 2015

Book Excerpt: Lessons from Dedicating Three Decades to a Life in the Theater

- Indiewire

Washington Times

"For anyone interested in the complexities of the art of theater, this lively, entertaining and informative book is a must."—Corinna Lothar

Times Literary Supplement UK

"The big questions Perloff tackles—artistic experimentation versus commercial imperative, survival in a changing financial landscape, why make theater and for whom?—are as pertinent in Britain as in San Francisco, or indeed anywhere people are making theater and trying to keep it afloat."—Laura Baggaley

"Feature on Carey Perloff in the Los Angeles Times"
Mar 27, 2015

"Out of Carey Perloff's 'Chaos' comes theatrical harmony"

- Los Angeles Times

"Feature on Carey Perloff in the San Francisco Weekly"
Mar 27, 2015

"Memoir Shows American Conservatory Theater's Perloff Is a Force of Nature"

- San Francisco Weekly

"Feature article in Bay Area Reporter"
Mar 19, 2015

"Beautiful Chaos is a must-read."

- Bay Area Reporter

"Carey Perloff featured in Vanguard Culture"
Mar 13, 2015

Kristen Schweizer features Carey and her San Diego book tour event in her article, "Carey Perloff: Why It's Worth It To Know Who She Is."

- Vanguard Culture

"Featured on the Springtime Reading List"
Mar 12, 2015

The Springtime Reading List is syndicated in The North Shore Weekend,, boiMagazine, The Florida Agenda, Guy Magazine, Wisconsin Gazette, LIving Out, Bay Area Reporter, OutSmart Magazine,  The Georgia Voice, Outlook Magazine, Baltimore Outloud, Q-Notes, Watermark, Dallas Voice, Q Salt Lake, ACCESSline Iowa and others. Gregg Shapiro lists Carey's book as a must-read in the entertainment genre. "Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater (City Lights Books) by Carey Perloff, artistic director of San Francisco's renowned American Conservatory Theater, and the woman who helped bring Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City musical to the stage, tells her story."

- Springtime Reading List/Gregg Shapiro

"Brief Interview in San Diego Jewish World"
Mar 10, 2015

Eric George Tauber interviewed Carey Perloff prior to her San Diego event with Barry Edelstein of the Old Globe. Carey said, "I was passionate about bringing A.C.T. back to life, in spite of a ruined building, a demoralized staff, a completely  depleted financial situation, and a city in the midst of enormous change. Having to ask the most basic questions about why live theater could and should matter at that moment in that particular town was the beginning of a massive turnaround that has been thrilling and exhausting in equal measure," she said in a brief interview."

- San Diego Jewish World

"Carey Perloff interviewed on KQED Radio"
Mar 9, 2015

Host Michael Krasny speaks with Carey Perloff about her work as the artistic director of the American Conservatory Theater and her memoir Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater.

- KQED Radio

"Event information about Carey's conversation with Michael Krasny"
Mar 8, 2015

SF Weekly introduces Carey Perloff's event with Michael Krasny of NPR at American Conservatory Theater's Geary Theater through a succinct background of her work, experiences, challenges, and victories during her career at the A.C.T.

- SF Weekly

"Interview with Carey Perloff in the San Francisco Chronicle"
Mar 5, 2015

Leba Hertz interviews Carey Perloff about her new book.

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Book excerpt in the San Francisco Chronicle"
Mar 5, 2015

Carey Perloff read an excerpt from her memoir, Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater.

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Carey Perloff timeline in the San Francisco Chronicle"
Mar 5, 2015

See where Carey Perloff is going, and where she's been.

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Feature on Carey Perloff in the SF Examiner"
Mar 5, 2015

Carey Perloff talks to Georgia Rowe with the SF Examiner about her experiences during her tenure at the American Conservatory Theater and her new book, Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater. 

- SF Examiner

Mar 15, 2015

"In a truly inspiring and rewarding read, Perloff recounts her tenure as the artistic director of San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.). . . . Perloff’s story will certainly appeal to theater lovers, but her memoir will also engage any reader interested in the story of a professional pioneer and an individual working to reinvent a struggling organization." --Booklist

Mar 1, 2015

Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater by Carey Perloff is included in the "Anticipation Index: Highlights of a culture-packed month" of the March issue of San Francisco Magazine.

- San Francisco Magazine

"Carey Perloff's Chicago event previewed by Broadway World"
Feb 25, 2015

Broadway World  previews Carey Perloff's Chicago event at Steppenwolf.

- Broadway World

"Carey Perloff's San Diego event previewed by Broadway World"
Feb 24, 2015

Broadway World previews Carey Perloff's San Diego event at the Old Globe Theater.

- Broadway World

"Carey Perloff interviewed by San Jose Mercury News"
Feb 20, 2015

San Jose Mercury News has a great interview with Carey Perloff by Karen d'Souza about Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater, with photos, that was syndicated to 11 Bay Area daily newspapers.

- San Jose Mercury News

"Carey Perloff's book mentioned by BeyondChron's Randy Shaw"
Feb 5, 2015

Journalist Randy Shaw discusses the revitalization of San Francisco's mid-Market area including A.C.T.’s decision to open a new theater, The Strand, there. He says, "If you want to know more why A.C.T. chose this challenge, the backstory of A.C.T.’s decision to open the Strand is included in A.C.T. Artistic Director Carey Perloff’s dynamic new book, Beautiful Chaos: A Life in the Theater."

- BeyondChron

New York Journal of Books
Feb 5, 2015

"Carey Perloff's leadership of American Conservatory Theater is one of the reasons San Francisco remains a respected center of the art form in our country. . . . Perloff raises her voice in support of women in the workplace, in support of arts and artists, and, again and again, in support of live theater. The book is about a passion for theater that has seldom wavered for two decades."—Martin A. David

"Michael Krasny interviews Tom Stoppard on KQED's Forum"
Jan 27, 2015

British playwright Tom Stoppard chatted with Michael Krasny on KQED's Forum where he mentioned his numerous collaborations with Carey Perloff, including the off-Broadway premiere of Indian Ink, which she will be directing at A.C.T. until February 8, 2015. On Perloff’s choice of the title Beautiful Chaos, Stoppard remarks, "Well I worked with Carey a few times and its never been chaotic. She’s always in command and in a good way, in control, but I can see that the order which exists in Carey’s work on stage probably emerges from a very complex background. Perhaps there’s an ironic spin on the word chaos in her case. Maybe you should ask her whether she means chaos as in mathematics."


NY Times's Charles Isherwood on "Beautiful Chaos"
Jan 6, 2015

"In her engaging memoir, Beautiful Chaos, to be published in March by City Lights Books, Carey Perloff, the artistic director of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, notes a grim statistic from a 2012 study by the League of Regional Theaters: The percentage of women running such theaters had not increased in 25 years."—Charles Isherwood

- New York Times

"Carey Perloff leads a hard-hat tour of ACT's Strand Theater"
Oct 16, 2014

"In a sleeveless patterned sundress, incongruously set off by a pair of heavy-duty hiking boots, Carey Perloff enthusiastically guided a contingent of hard-hatted journalists through the emerging reality of the revamped Strand Theater. Right now, it's mostly scaffolding and concrete outlines, but you can see what ACT's audacious undertaking amid the long-blighted Mid-Market corridor will look like. Perloff, ACT's artistic director, is famous for her contagious enthusiasms, and it's easy to get swept up in her glowing predictions. But now there is the physical evidence to support the vision. . . . "

- Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter

Profile of Carey Perloff by Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle
Nov 17, 2012

A recent interview with Carey Perloff.

- Robert Hurwitt

"Interview with Carey Perloff, Artistic Director of San Francisco's ACT Theater"
Sep 2, 2014

Interview with Carey Perloff, Artistic Director of San Francisco's ACT Theater and author of Beautiful Chaos, is now in NYC directing Tom Stoppard’s "Indian Ink" at the Roundabout Theater.

- Ted Sod, Roundabout Blog

Profile of Carey Perloff in the Stanford Alumni Magazine
Apr 1, 2002

Graduate Carey Perloff profiled in Stanford's alumni magazine.

- Diane Rogers