In the Country
In the Country
Mia Alvar

Recommended by Paul, City Lights Books

In these nine globe-trotting tales, Mia Alvar gives voice to the women and men of the Philippines and its diaspora. From teachers to housemaids, from mothers to sons, Alvar's stories explore the universal experiences of loss, displacement, and the longing to connect across borders both real and imagined. In the Country speaks to the heart of everyone who has ever searched for a place to call home—and marks the arrival of a formidable new voice in literature.

Title In the Country
Subtitle Stories
Author Mia Alvar
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 18 March 2016
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 368 p.
ISBN-10 0804171491
ISBN-13 9780804171496
Publication Date 18 March 2016
Main content page count 368
Weight 16 oz.

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