The Beautifully Worthless

The Beautifully Worthless


"I'd recommend the book to dreamers, and lovers, and someone who likes dirty cars and hot sunlight and how it feels to finally be taking it one day at a time."-- Carmen, Autostraddle 

"Ali Liebegott interview in Autostraddle"
Aug 27, 2013

Ali Liebegott talks about her books, Cha-Ching! and The Beautifully Worthless, Sister Spit and female road narratives with Carmen and Ali in Autostraddle.

- Carmen and Ali, Autostraddle

"Ali Liebegott interviewed on Bomb"
Aug 20, 2013

Author Ali Liebegott discusses her books The Beautifully Worthless and Cha-Ching!  with Evan Karp on Bomblog. 

- Evan Karp, Bomb Magazine


"Ali Liebegott's books evoke a life-affirming sensation that comes from embracing the pendular. Her ability to hit the right tone is scientific, almost violent in its precision—a single word or observation, well-placed, can have a reader crying or laughing aloud."—Evan Karp, Bomb

"The City Lights/Sister Spit Imprint: New & Up Next"
Jun 25, 2013

An interview with Sister Spit/City Lights editor and queer icon, Michelle Tea.

- Elizabeth Estochen, Curve Magazine

"Michelle Tea & Ali Liebegott interviewed for KALW's Out in the Bay"
Jun 19, 2013

Host of Out in the Bay Eric Jansen sat down with editor Michelle Tea and author Ali Liebegott to discuss the City Lights/Sister Spit series and to read a few passages from their newest books.

- Eric Jansen, KALW Out in the Bay

"Road Trip: Ali Liebegott's Interview Series for 'The Believer' "
May 10, 2013

Poet Ali Liebegott took an epic road trip across America and interviewed female writers along the way for The Believer Logger. Here's her interview with Maggie Dubris.

- Maggie Dubris, The Believer Logger

"Ali Liebegott Interviewed by Lambda Literary"
Apr 17, 2013

Ali Liebegott discusses writing Cha-Ching! and wanting to capture a specific time in Brooklyn, when it was possible to be young and broke.

- Paige Cohen, Lambda Literary

"Sister Spit Takes Over REDCAT"
Apr 9, 2013

The legendary performance and spoken word collective Sister Spit heads to Los Angeles as part of its month-long tour to perform at REDCAT theater. With performances by City Lights/Sister Spit authors Authors Michelle Tea & Ali Liebegott.

- Clea Kim, The Advocate

"Michelle Tea Interviewed by Johnny Appeal of Fresno Famous"
Apr 8, 2013

A Q and A with Michelle Tea, editor of the Sister Spit anthology, on Fresno Famous.

- Johnny Appeal, Fresno Famous

"LitBridge: April Book Releases to Read"
Apr 2, 2013

LitBridge lists notable April book releases, including Ali Liebegott's The Beautifully Worthless. 

- LitBridge

"Road Trip: Ali Liebegott's Interview Series for 'The Believer'"
Apr 2, 2013

Poet Ali Liebegott took an epic road trip across America and interviewed female writers along the way for The Believer Logger. Here's her interview with Dorianne Laux.

- Ali Liebegott,

SF Weekly: Read Local

"Most comparisons to Jack Kerouac induce eye-rolls, but you figure that the Beatific City Lights wouldn't print such a thing unless they meant it. The Beautifully Worthless is a subverted road story about a runaway waitress who leaves her lover and hits the road with her dog. She maps her travels in letters to the girl she left behind and poetry about love and heartache."

—Alexis Coe

"Lady in the House Questions: Ali Liebegott"
Feb 10, 2013

Read a Q&A with author Ali Liebegott for Vida's blog Her Kind.

- Her Kind Blog

Reviews by Amos Lassen

"[Liebegott] writes with grace and empathy and with a whole 'lotta' heart."