Out of Print

Out of Print
City Lights Spotlight Series No. 14


"In his reflective unselfconsciousness, [Julien Poirier] seems to put on the bardic mantle of Walt Whitman, while deflating any pretence of immortality. Poirier is writing for the moment."

"Going Crazy in New York and San Francisco: An Interview with Poet Julien Poirier"
Apr 15, 2017

Julien Poirier interviewed by Hyperallergic.

- Hyperallergic

"'Independently Blue,' a poem from Julien Poirier’s book ‘Out of Print’ excerpted in New York Times Magazine"
Jan 27, 2017
- The New York Times Magazine

Literary Hub

"Out of Print is the third book of poet and publisher Julien Poirier. If you've ever had trouble getting into poetry because it’s too stuffy and scholarly, Out of Print is the perfect solution. It’s raucous, it’s uncensored, and it puts on no airs as it tap-dances over the notion of 'high-brow literature.' Out of Print draws equally from absurdism and pop-culture. Poirier’s poems will make you laugh until your stomach aches, only to suddenly pause and think, huh."

Boston Review

"Poirier's poems have an attentiveness and intimacy and wonder that address all of us who naturally expect a poet to speak to us, but are astonished to discover that he also hears us and gives us a voice. What better reason to read Poirier, as his poems need us as much as we need them."––Benjamin Hollander

"Garrett Caples Introduces Julien Poirier's Poetry Album Excellence Higher in Canada"
Mar 18, 2016

At City Lights's blog Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, Garrett Caples brings to readers’ attention Julien Poirier’s innovative poetry album Higher in Canada. (Poirier’s next poetry collection Out of Print is forthcoming from City Lights’s Spotlight series.).

- The Poetry Foundation's Harriet Blog