Out of Print

Out of Print
City Lights Spotlight Series No. 14

The third full-length collection by Julien Poirier, Out of Print is a truly bicoastal volume, reflecting the poet's years in New York as well as his return to his Bay Area roots. Consider it a meetinghouse between late New York School and contemporary California surrealism, a series of quips intercepted from America's underground poetry telegraph, or an absurdist mirror held up to consumerist culture.

Praise for Out of Print:

"Julien Poirier's poems calibrate the vernacular in a sublime mathematics of commonalities. The effect is that of feelings on the run, enunciated clearly. In a sudden down-draught––'You're wind, you melt on my tongue'––he'll take the contemporary love poem into new stretches of believability while knowingly calling to account the failings that, whether perennial or merely topical, hem round ourselves to disastrous effect. For, no mistake, Out of Print means business: a forceful wake-up call, allowing as how for this old world the time for meaningful action may well have run out and we've joined the fabled damned, lost but for such eloquence, affection, and mad, mad laughter in Hell’s despite."––Bill Berkson

"Welcome Julien Poirier! What a distinct inspired voice. His work is abundant in surprise. His musical, often bonkers play of language is, for me, a source of delight & revelation."––David Meltzer

"Out of Print's unexpectedly a love poem, its humor sharpening into dissonant pleasure. And what a pleasure! Julien Poirier’s weirdly direct and directly weird poems notice what an event is, whether it’s four square monks in a Coupe de Ville or becoming the Invisible Hand, and render that event into a sensual and searching landscape. You are really there, no where, but there, in poetry as a means to think differently, and maybe, absurdly, hope."––Karen Weiser

Praise for Julien Poirier:

"In Poirier’s universe, the world is a stale baguette with goldfish caviar and moldy matchtips. Call it what you want. He hangs out behind the Kum and Go with Bob Kaufman, Bernadette Mayer, Richard Brautigan, and Henri Michaux and eats it."—BOMB Magazine

"Never bound to a single or elitist aesthetic, the poetry’s there for any one of us to inhabit. . . . Like [John] Wieners, Julien avoids the pitfalls of literary self-importance, keeping his focus on building poems that liberate the reader momentarily, while never presuming to have a set solution. The poem is a problem the poet and reader confront for the sake of beauty."—Guillermo Parra

Julien Poirier is a co-founder of Ugly Duckling Presse. He has taught poetry in New York City and San Francisco public schools and at San Quentin State Prison. Previous books include Way Too West (2015) and El Golpe Chileño (2010).

Title Out of Print
Subtitle City Lights Spotlight Series No. 14
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Title First Published 12 April 2016
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 124 p.
ISBN-10 0872867048
ISBN-13 9780872867048
Publication Date 12 April 2016
Main content page count 124
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $15.95

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