Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World
Preface by Amber Tamblyn

TOSH gets bookshelf LOVE from Ron Mael of "Sparks"
Jul 6, 2020

In this week's episode, Ron reads the lyrics to "Existential Threat."

"Make Your Own System: Tosh Berman on his Father, Artist Wallace Beman
Mar 18, 2020

"As a nine year old elementary school student, meeting his dad's colleague Marcel Duchamp was an eye opener for author Tosh Berman. 'When I told the teacher,' Berman explains, 'she asked "what did you do over the weekend?" and I said I went to this art show at a big museum in Pasadena, and I met this French man, and she knew what I was talking about. I don’t think she was an art fan, but I think she read about it in a newspaper and stuff.

Tosh says that to this day, he remembers that his teacher was very impressed, 'at me being there, at meeting someone famous.' In his memoir, Tosh: Growing Up In Wallace Berman’s World (City Lights, 2019), Berman recounts anecdote after anecdote about how he met the famous friends of his father, and how his father’s bohemian lifestyle shaped him."

Interview with Tosh Berman by Keith Walsh
Mar 15, 2020

"Author Tosh Berman, son of Wallace Berman, grew up in the 60s, in small home spaces around Los Angeles that also served as art studios where his father's art was created. 'Basically, you know, I lived in a very small world at the time,' Tosh told me, 'in the household with my dad and mom. So I had not that much outside influences, except for TV and radio later. And then through my father’s friends. . . . '"

Review in the "Pacific Rim Review of Books"
Mar 1, 2020

"In this intriguing, intelligent, heartfelt testimonial, Tosh gracefully brings his father alive, bearing witness to his father's inimitable spirit."—Colin James Sanders

Dennis Cooper says TOSH is one of his fave books of the year!
Dec 11, 2019

Review in Art in America
Nov 5, 2019

"With Tosh: Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World, the author, the son of the mid-century, Los Angeles artist Wallace Berman, adds a curious dual memoir to the genre’s history. . . . Were Tosh’s story adapted for the stage, the ideal dramatist for the job would be the late Sam Shepard, the bard of late twentieth-century family dysfunction."—Robert Atkins

Interview on "Hole in the Air"
Sep 9, 2019

New Statesman America
Aug 14, 2019

As the writer and publisher Tosh Berman recalls in his affectionate memoir of growing up among the various Beat artists who followed in Ferlinghetti's footsteps, City Lights wasn’t a place to buy books so much as a place to be with them: "I never got bored being there… I could people-watch and enjoy the different shapes and colours of book covers. It may have been there that I discovered the physical pleasure of books outside our house, and that a bookstore is a sacred location."

KCRW's "Art Talk"
Jul 18, 2019

"Son of artist Wallace Berman, Tosh knew of an LA that we can only envy. Not just the poets, artists and musicians of the post- war era but with all the other characters who ran outside the confines of convention. (Tosh's paternal grandfather ran a Staten Island candy store that seems to have served as a front for a speak-easy. Tosh remembers his maternal grandmother working as a butcher at Hollywood Ranch market after her earlier years with a traveling circus.). . . . "

Author Dennis Cooper cites TOSH as one of his fave books of 2019
Jun 21, 2019

Excerpt on Art Report Today
Jun 6, 2019

Review in Rain Taxi
Jun 1, 2019

"Tosh Berman's memoir is the remarkable story of a child being raised in an environment in which his father's artmaking was paramount."--Chris Luna, Rain Taxi

Apr 20, 2019

"If you have any interest in the wild array of people who defined the West Coast beat/bohemian world, and the various ways it overlapped other worlds, including Hollywood and rock 'n' roll, then you must read TOSH: Growing Up in Wallace Berman’s World by Tosh Berman"—John Yau, Hyperallergic

- John Yau

Feature in Tablet Magazine
Apr 13, 2019

Wallace Berman's son pens a memoir of the temple the Kabbalistic Beat artist made of his own life

Tosh Berman at the LA Times Book Festival
Apr 13, 2019

Review in "San Bernardino Sun"
Mar 17, 2019

"The book is also a Who's Who of artists of its time, with chapters entitled: 'Andy Warhol,' 'Toni Basil,' 'Marcel Duchamp,' 'Dennis Hopper,’ and 'Russ Tamblyn.' Tosh is in many ways a photo album of the era, each short chapter a metaphorical snapshot alongside Wallace Berman’s actual photographs, both of Tosh and the eccentric cast of characters who played roles in the Berman’s family life — music producer Phil Spector, performance artist George Herms, actor Billy Gray from 'Father Knows Best,' and Jack Parson’s wife, Marjorie Cameron, to name a few."—Allison Hill, San Bernardino Sun

Interview on the "Expanding Mind" Podcast
Feb 23, 2019

Writer and avant-garde publisher Tosh Berman discusses growing up in postwar California, hipster sexism, the hippie horrors of Topanga canyon, his impressions of family friends like Cameron and Brian Jones, and his charming new memoir Tosh, about growing up with his father, the remarkable underground California artist Wallace Berman.

Robert Scheer interviews Tosh Berman on his show "Scheer Intelligence" at KCRW, Santa Monica
Feb 22, 2019

Tosh Berman's Playlist for His Memoir "TOSH: Growing Up in Wallace Berman’s World" on Largehearted Boy
Feb 13, 2019

Interview with Tosh Berman on Please Kill Me
Feb 13, 2019

Book excerpt on LA Weekly
Feb 11, 2019

Tosh Berman and Jason Schwartzman in conversation at Skylight Books, Los Angeles
Feb 11, 2019

Book excerpt on LITHUB
Feb 8, 2019

Don't You Dare Call Me a Beatnik: Tosh Berman on His Dad, Wallace, and the Postwar California Art Scene.

KCRW, Santa Monica: "BOOKWORM" interview
Feb 7, 2019

Michael Silverblatt interviews Tosh Berman

KCRW, Santa Monica:
Feb 6, 2019

Michael Silverblatt discusses TOSH   in the first installment of the "Bookworm of the Month Club" with Madeleine Brand on KCRW's "Press Play." Begins around at the 30:00 minute mark.

"It's about what it's like to grow up in the L.A. art community between the Beat years and the Counterculture years.  Of all the books I've read about L.A. since I've gotten here, this was the most informative about the L.A. I would have wanted to know."—Michael Silverblatt, Host of KCRW's "Bookworm"

Tosh Berman discusses TOSH at City Lights!
Jan 31, 2019

Interview on "Dangerous Minds"
Jan 29, 2019

Review from "Critics At Large"
Jan 23, 2019

"The book TOSH, brought to the light of day by City Lights, a San Francisco legend, is a living and breathing archive of the times, a glittering library of the literati, aesthetic giants, music kings and queens, political, social and cultural icons, actors and actresses galore (with all of their kids in the corner too)."—Donald Brackett, Critics At Large

4th book trailer for TOSH
Jan 17, 2019

Produced by Kimley Maretzo.

Jan 10, 2019

"Tosh's book is fascinating, fleshing out details on how Wallace morphed from West Coast Beat generation raja into hippie headmaster of LA, centered in the Beverly Glen and Topanga Canyon areas, and, for a time, of San Francisco. . . . His book is filled with wild, with-it insights, buttressed by bounteous black and white photos, yet it is based in a rather ordinary, mid-20th century American upbringing, with extraordinary moments."—Joseph Nechvatal

A consideration of TOSH on Sensitive Skin
Jan 1, 2019

A.G. Geiger Presents an interview with Tosh Berman
Jan 1, 2019

Fine art book store owner, Michael Delgado interviews the most interesting artists, musicians, performers, poets, writers and other malcontents prowling the Los Angeles cultural landscape, like Tosh Berman! Recorded at the Library Bar of the historic Mayfair Hotel.

Book Trailer #3 for TOSH: Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World
Dec 31, 2018

Produced by Kimley Maretzo.

TOSH book trailer featured on Shelf Awareness
Dec 19, 2018

Book Trailer # 2 for TOSH: Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World
Dec 16, 2018

Produced by Kimley Maretzo.

Book Trailer for TOSH: Growing Up in Wallace Berman's World
Dec 9, 2018

Produced by Kimley Maretzo.

Profile in Publishers Weekly
Dec 7, 2018

"Tosh Berman Pens a Bohemian Rhapsody of a Memoir." "In his memoir Tosh, Tosh Berman, son of artist Wallace Berman, takes readers into the art world of 1960s and '70s Los Angeles."—Wendy Werris

Woody Haut's Blog
Nov 21, 2018

Woody Haut reminisces about first seeing Wallace Berman in Los Angeles in 1964, and the joy he felt when reading Tosh Berman's memoir, as it captures the burgeoning Los Angeles arts scene at that time.   "I was nineteen and was suitably impressed by Berman's presence. I felt like I was, for the first time, rubbing shoulders with a real artist."

Interview on the "So Important" podcast
Nov 10, 2018

Monte Mallin talks with Tosh Berman about his forthcoming memoir, which he calls, "a beautifully written, honest, and endearing memoir of a unique upbringing."

Book excerpt and interview in Monster Children
Nov 1, 2018

Chosen by Publishers Weekly's editors as a highlight in Memoir/Biographies for the Fall 2018 season
Jun 22, 2018

Dennis Hopper on Wallace Berman
Dec 20, 2008

An interview with the late actor and artist Dennis Hopper, where he discusses his friendship with artist Wallace Berman.