Disposable Futures

Disposable Futures
The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle

Discussion with Russell Brand
Apr 24, 2017
- Russell Brand The Trews

The American Book Review

"Brad Evans and Henry Giroux's Disposable Futures is an insightful meditation on the role of violence in modern American society. In eight well-conceived and thoughtfully argued chapters, Evans and Giroux present readers with a damning critique of neoliberalism."


"…the book confronts the violence and ethos of disposability represented by the prevalent neoliberalism of the Obama/Clinton age, the subservience of education to the requisites of the corporate economy, and the way that violence is now sold to us as entertainment. This is a must-read book for anyone ready to transcend fear and imagine a new reality."

Interview in the New York Times
Dec 16, 2015

Brad Evans in discussion with Natasha Lennard.

- The New York Times

International Association of Genocide Scholars

"It is in this spirit of interrogation that Disposable Futures is situated. Evans is here joined by the American-Canadian Cultural critic Henry Giroux, who is well-known for his critical writings on education. It is no surprise, then, that the book, drawing on the writings of the Brazilian educator and philosopher Paolo Freire, should be so focussed on the transformative powers of critical pedagogy."—Jack D. Palmer

"Interview with Brad Evans"
Sep 13, 2015

Kathleen Stephenson speaks with Brad Evans about his book Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle, co-authored with Henry Giroux.  Stephenson is host of the show "Political Perspectives" on KBOO, Portland, OR.

- KBOO Political Perspectives

"Interview with Henry Giroux in Counterpunch"
Aug 25, 2015

"The Spectacle of American Violence and Cure for Donald Trump."  Chruck Mertz interviews Henry Giroux.

- CounterPunch

"Henry Giroux interviewed on Forthright Radio"
Aug 19, 2015

"Henry Giroux has a new book, published by City Lights Books, co-written with Brad Evans, Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle. As we have come to expect with his work, it is as timely as it is deeply insightful.
Echoing Spinoza, he asks:  'How do we learn to desire that which we should find patently oppressive?  In what ways is our servitude presented to us as though it were our salvation?'"

- Forthright Radio

Spirituality and Practice

"This profound and timely paperback covers the tragic and disheartening phenomenon of the continuing increase of violence in the world today. It is evident in film and video games where the carnage is appalling; it is revealed in the militarization of the police; it is supported by the trampling on human rights to privacy through widespread surveillance; it is showcased in the great disparities of wealth and poverty; and it is present in the dehumanization policies of ISIS and of those who willing to do anything to win the terror wars."—Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

"Our Man in Boston discusses Disposable Futures"
Aug 5, 2015

Robert Birnbaum from Our Man in Boston discusses Disposable Futures and the violence that causes our nation to be a dystopia.

- Our Man in Boston

"Interview with Brad Evans"
Aug 5, 2015

Brad Evans was interviewed on BBC Radio's The Gary Null Show, discussing Hiroshima under the rubric of disposable lives.

- The Gary Null Show

"Henry Giroux interviewed on WNUR's This is Hell!"
Aug 5, 2015

"Cultural critic Henry Giroux explains how the harsh, arbitrary nature of life in America is actually a feature of our political and social setting, what distinguishes neoliberalism from classical liberalism and capitalism, and why Donald Trump's unlikely political success represents a fundamental poison in our society."

- WNUR's This is Hell!

"Interview with Brad Evans and Henry A. Giroux"
May 10, 2015

Victoria Harper interviews the authors about Disposable Futures, in which Brad Evans and Henry A. Giroux analyze how today's dominant economic system uses privatization, mass media and the spectacle of violence to neutralize and control the public. They say, "Violence is the principal recourse and default for those societies in which the social state is under attack . . . The book as such is less about the "exceptional moments in history," but speaks instead to those contemporary forms of disposability that have become so normalized, where the burden of guilt is placed on the shoulders of the victims, while the most pernicious of systemic abuses continue to hide things in plain sight. In doing so, we hope that it offers and enables a critical angle of vision that goes well beyond the mere authentication of lives as simply born vulnerable to question the systemic design for oppression and exploitation that produces humans as some expendable category."

- Truthout

"Excerpt from the first chapter of 'Disposable Futures'"
May 6, 2015

In Disposable Futures, Brad Evans and Henry A. Giroux analyze how today's dominant economic system uses privatization, mass media and the spectacle of violence to neutralize and control the public. An Excerpt from the first chapter of Disposable Futures: "There is no greater task today than to develop a critique of violence adequate to our deeply unjust, inequitable, and violent times. Only then might we grasp the magnitude and depths of suffering endured on a daily basis by many of the world's citizens. Only then might we move beyond the conceit of a neoliberal project, which has normalized violence such that its worst manifestations become part of our cultural "pastimes." And only then might we reignite a radical imagination that is capable of diagnosing the violence of the present in such a manner that we have the confidence to rethink the meaning of global citizenship in the twenty-first century."

- Truthout