Voices of the Chicago Eight
Voices of the Chicago Eight
A Generation on Trial
Tom Hayden, Frank Condon, Ron Sossi

"SDS Founder, Veteran Activist Tom Hayden on Participatory Democracy from Port Huron to Occupy Wall Street"
Apr 13, 2012

Tom Hayden, author of Voices of the Chicago Eight, speaks with Democracy Now! about occupations throughout history leading up to Occupy Wall Street.

- Tom Hayden, Democracy Now!

Vision — not violence — is legacy of '68
Aug 26, 2008
"You had a formula for deep division within the party and in the streets with the anti-war protestors," said former California state senator Tom Hayden, an anti-war protestor in 1968 and one of the Chicago Seven. - Elizabeth Aguilera, Denver Post

Book News, Inc.
"In 1968, after civil rights marches, anti-war demonstrations, race riots, assassinations, and the Democratic convention, the authorities selected eight representative activists to receive punishment for the collective disobedience of the nation. Here are documents relating to that trial, including the play The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, court testimony, and essays about the violence across the country and in the streets of Chicago, the trial, the verdict, and the rest of history."

1960s Radicals Predict Rebirth of Social Activism
Nov 9, 2008
"Nothing is more non-nonconformist than a nearly two-hour panel discussion. But times have indeed changed, and the three former political radicals who gathered for one on Saturday in Manhattan did not seem to mind.

At a table in the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea, Tom Hayden sat next to Bernardine Dohrn. Next to her was Jamal Joseph.

Forty years ago, Mr. Hayden was a co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society, a driving force behind the movement against the Vietnam War. He was also a member of the Chicago Seven, who were tried on charges of conspiring to incite a riot at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. Ms. Dohrn was also a leader of S.D.S., and would later help form a violent splinter group called the Weather Underground that bombed government buildings in the early 1970s. Mr. Joseph was a young Black Panther in Harlem who went to prison in the '80s for harboring a fugitive." - Manny Fernandez, NY Times

Tom Hayden Predicts Obama Will Lose
Aug 25, 2008
Speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Denver Press Club at the Denver Athletic Club today, former California state legislator and '60s political activist Tom Hayden predicted that Barack Obama will lose the 2008 Election. "An African-American candidate talking about economics and a white war hero -- it's clear to me who is going to win," Hayden said. - Mayhill Fowler, Denver Post

1968 Chicago Riot Left Mark On Political Protests
Aug 23, 2008
Listen to Tom Hayden on Weekend Edition

"Democrats are gathering for their national convention in Denver with their party divided by a bruising presidential nomination contest and the country mired in an unpopular war.

The situation was similar 40 years ago, when Democrats convened in Chicago." - Ina Jaffe, NPR's Weekend Edition

Dreams of Obama
Aug 20, 2008
"Barack Obama, it is true, is a transformational leader. But he needs a transformational movement to become a transformational president." - Tom Hayden, SF Bay Guardian

Same social expectations amid a very different war
Aug 17, 2008
"As the Democratic National Convention approaches, people inevitably think about the parallels between 1968 and 2008.

The times are different. True, there were unpopular wars raging in those days, but the American casualties in Vietnam were 15 times more than in Iraq today. Every young man faced the draft. Those under the age of 21, like the college students for Eugene McCarthy, could not vote." - Tom Hayden, Denver Post

Get online, not in line, for Starz-studded DNC party
Aug 14, 2008
"Tom Hayden has missed only two Democratic National Conventions since 1960. He's gone as a reporter, as a delegate, as a demonstrator.

The well-known '60s radical, once married to Jane Fonda, is of course coming to Denver, this time to talk, to listen and to peddle his new book, Voices of the Chicago Eight." - Bill Husted, The Denver Post

The Mess We Made: An Oral History of the 1968 Convention
Aug 13, 2008
"Tom Hayden (Activist, National Mobilization Committee to End the War): We were in the park, and a young man named Angus MacKenzie climbed a flagpole, intent on bringing the American flag down halfway and turning it upside down, which of course is an international symbol of distress. Well, this aroused the police, who were all lined up on the Michigan Avenue side of the park, and they charged into the crowd. It was madness.

I urged people to head back toward the Hilton by any means. If there was gonna be blood or gas, let it be all over the city. So people started up the long, narrow park along Lake Michigan. There are small bridges along the way that get you to the Grant Park area adjacent to the hotel, but all these bridges were occupied by troops with bayonets. And there were submachine guns mounted on tripods pointed at the protesters as we went from bridge to bridge." - David Gargill, GQ

'60s radicals offer new take on Dem riots
Aug 27, 2008
"One year later, eight of the protest organizers -- Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines and Lee Weiner, known thereafter as the Chicago 8 -- were indicted on numerous charges, including conspiring to cross state lines with the intent to incite a riot. (The convictions eventually were overturned in a series of appeals)." - Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times

Unconventional Wisdom: Advice for Barack Obama and the organizers of the 2008 DNC
Aug 11, 2008
"He's no longer the image of a hairy, scary leader of the New Left. Retired California state senator Tom Hayden is a prolific writer and blogger, but once upon a time, he was the poster boy for political activism at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago." - Rocky Mountain News

Famous radical: '08 DNC won't be like ’68
Aug 11, 2008
"One of the most influential student radicals from the '60s said there is no comparison between the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago that resulted in a violent clash between protesters and police.

Tom Hayden, who has 40 years in activism, politics and writing, said there are several key differences between the two political conventions."
- Gene Davis, Denver Daily News

Familiar Voices Address Major Issues Past And Present
Aug 10, 2008
"If you were awake in the 1960s, you remember Tom Hayden as one of the Chicago 8, a group of radical activists accused of conspiring to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Hayden and four others were convicted of lesser charges and sentenced to five years in jail. Their convictions were eventually overturned." - Don Preziosi, Washington Park Profile

Eatery wants to pack in the convention protesters
Jul 25, 2008
"Most restaurateurs in town are hoping to lure the politicos, delegates, superdelegates and bold names to their mess halls during the Democratic National Convention.

But Dan Hanley at WaterCourse Foods has another idea. He is marketing his popular vegetarian restaurant to the demonstrators. . .Denver Book Buffs presents activist Tom Hayden with his latest tome, Voices of the Chicago 8: A Generation on Trial at 3 p.m. Aug. 23 at Cameron Church in Denver." - Bill Husted, The Denver Post

Afghanistan, Pakistan & Obama
Jul 17, 2008
"Barack Obama restated his Iraq phased withdrawal play in response to public questioning today but committed himself to expanding the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Any proposal to transfer American troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and Pakistan is sure to cause debate and questions among peace activists and rank-and-file Democrats. The proposal potentially represents a wider quagmire for the US government and military." - Tom Hayden, ZNet

'You Are Shouting at the Court'
Jul 14, 2008
"City Lights has published Voices of the Chicago Eight: A Generation on Trial, by Tom Hayden, Ron Sossi and Frank Condon. It includes Sossi and Condon's 'Chicago Conspiracy Trial,' a 1979 play whose every word 'is taken directly from the transcripts of the trial.' Below is some of Ginsberg’s testimony as a defense witness, describing events that took place in Lincoln Park during the 1968 Democratic National Convention." - David Kelly, New York Times

Tom Hayden adds wisdom of experience to social activism
Jun 24, 2008
"At 68, Tom Hayden says he's 'retired from competitive politics.'  Yet the well-known activist, defendant in the Chicago 8 conspiracy trial and member of the California Legislature for nearly 18 years is hardly idle, despite having heart bypass surgery in 2001." - Bruce Dancis, Sac Bee

Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Citizens complain about mudslinging this election year, but even the raucous cable commentators today seem tepid compared to Voices of the Chicago Eight. . .The authors capture the urgency in the streets during the 1968 Democratic National Convention that led to police and protester violence. . .With the distance of 40 years, it plays out as an absurdist satire, not serious courtroom drama, revealing a frustratingly ridiculous farce of justice."

It's not déjà vu: Tom Hayden sees more change than repetition in our history
Jun 19, 2008
"He’s seen it all before: an unpopular war, an even more unpopular president and a contested Democratic primary. But if you ask Tom Hayden about déjà vu, he doesn’t immediately start reminiscing about the police riot at the Democratic Convention in Chicago 40 years ago, or about the trial that followed, in which he and six other defendants were accused of seeking to overthrow the government." - Kel Munger, Sacramento News and Review

Bobby and Barack
Jun 5, 2008
"For one who has experienced both eras, the current movement for Barack Obama has achieved a living remembrance of Bobby Kennedy's campaign in the week when RFK's murder is painfully remembered." - Tom Hayden, The Huffington Post