Voices of the Chicago Eight
Voices of the Chicago Eight
A Generation on Trial
Tom Hayden, Frank Condon, Ron Sossi

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Book News, Inc.
"In 1968, after civil rights marches, anti-war demonstrations, race riots, assassinations, and the Democratic convention, the authorities selected eight representative activists to receive punishment for the collective disobedience of the nation. Here are documents relating to that trial, including the play The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, court testimony, and essays about the violence across the country and in the streets of Chicago, the trial, the verdict, and the rest of history."

Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Citizens complain about mudslinging this election year, but even the raucous cable commentators today seem tepid compared to Voices of the Chicago Eight. . .The authors capture the urgency in the streets during the 1968 Democratic National Convention that led to police and protester violence. . .With the distance of 40 years, it plays out as an absurdist satire, not serious courtroom drama, revealing a frustratingly ridiculous farce of justice."