Invisible Gifts
Invisible Gifts
Maw Shein Win

In her first full-length collection of poems, Win depicts a colorful world imbued with unexpected paradoxes: nature is both comforting and savagely unnerving; love is permanent and fleeting; the accuracy and flaws of memory abound. Her experiences with illness and recovery intertwine with her identity as a Burmese American daughter of immigrant doctors, flowing in poems like "Hands": My father's hands, frail birds, shaking wings. / In Burmese, “win” means bright. / Hands that stitched skin together and brought back life. Win’s unique perspective and artful language offer readers insight into how the heart can bend and mend without breaking.

Title Invisible Gifts
Author Maw Shein Win
Publisher Manic D Press
Title First Published 10 April 2018
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 120 p.
ISBN-10 1945665084
ISBN-13 9781945665080
Publication Date 10 April 2018
Main content page count 120
Weight 16 oz.