City Lights Spotlight Series No. 20

Review in the Rumpus
Dec 9, 2020

"Sophia Dahlin delivers beautiful, tactile motion in Natch. . . . There's a controlled delirium here, and it's deliciously sexy."—Barbara Berman

"The Natural Is Vexed: Sophia Dahlin Interviewed by Brandon Brown"
Oct 22, 2020

"The world of Natch is, in part, an old world. A world where horny herdspeople take a break and steal time from their lords by exchanging dirty verses with each other. But her work doesn't flounder in nostalgia. Dahlin’s poems are for our time, for our yucky and seductive mouths and lips, and we should all be stealing hours from our lords to revel in it. Somewhere between ancient pastoral tradition and the very present-tense erotic vocabulary of her life as a lover, Dahlin brings enormous musical sensuality, romantic intelligence, and impressive wit in these marvelous poems."—Brandon Brown

Bookseller Recommendation by Book Beat
Nov 9, 2020

"Natch is Dahlin's first book-length collection of poems—accessible, personal, and exuberant in their enjoyment of the body, alone and coupled. She has a knack for aphorisms, too: 'the rain nips patrons from the sidewalk in' to a café, and 'I can’t buy freedom / but I can denude my wishlist,' and 'People couple to suffer.' I look forward to this poet’s future."—Tom Bowden

Review in Baltimore Outloud
Nov 1, 2020

Natch by queer, Oakland-based poet and educator Sophia Dahlin, is another outstanding full-length debut collection. Dahlin's distinctive voice is at turns erotic, observant, experimental, and never humdrum."—Gregg Shapiro

"65 Queer and Feminist Books Coming Your Way in Fall 2020"
Aug 27, 2020

"Dahlin's first full-length collection shows a vast array of queer pastoral lyric poems. They are by turns funny, erotic, longing, passionate, brave, and vulnerable."—Casey Stepaniuk

Small Press Distribution recommends Natch
Sep 17, 2020