The Supermale
The Supermale
Alfred Jarry

"The act of love is of no importance, since it can be performed indefinitely." With that remark, the gentleman adventurer Andre Marcueil sets into motion an outrageous plot of scientific experiments and technological heroism focused on author Alfred Jarry's trinity of obsessions: sex, alcohol, and bicycles. Like a mock Jules Verne, Jarry describes the manner in which the "Supermale" ultimately proves his claim; after 82 times with a woman, attending doctors hook him up to a machine instead, with whom he merges in the book's--and the Supermale's--final climax. This 1902 novel is, together with Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician (1898), one of the pillars of Pataphysics, Jarry's "science of imaginary solutions." Translated from French by Ralph Gladstone and Barbara Wright.

Title The Supermale
Author Alfred Jarry
Publisher Exact Change
Title First Published 01 May 1999
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 232 p.
ISBN-10 1878972251
ISBN-13 9781878972255
Publication Date 01 May 1999
Main content page count 232
Weight 16 oz.

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