The Story of a Sound
Ben Ratliff

Recommended by Paul, City Lights Books

John Coltrane left an indelible mark on the world, but what was the essence of his achievement that makes him so prized forty years after his death? What were the factors that helped Coltrane become who he was? And what would a John Coltrane look like now--or are we looking for the wrong signs?

In this deftly written, riveting study, New York Times jazz critic Ben Ratliff answers these questions and examines the life of Coltrane, the acclaimed band leader and deeply spiritual man who changed the face of jazz music. Ratliff places jazz among other art forms and within the turbulence of American social history, and he places Coltrane not just among jazz musicians but among the greatest American artists.

Title Coltrane
Subtitle The Story of a Sound
Author Ben Ratliff
Publisher Picador
Title First Published 28 October 2008
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 272 p.
ISBN-10 0312427786
ISBN-13 9780312427788
Publication Date 28 October 2008
Main content page count 272
Weight 16 oz.

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