Paper Conspiracies

Paper Conspiracies

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2011 Jewish fiction and poetry books

Susan Daitch's new novel, Paper Conspiracies, makes the Examiner's best of 2011 Jewish fiction and poetry books!

-David Cooper, Examiner Dec 31, 2011

The Dreyfus Affair and Censorship

"When early film legend George Méliès made 1899's L'Affair Dreyfus, a movie about the controversial 'Dreyfus Affair' in France, it inspired riots. The topic was so dangerous for so long in France that the film was banned for decades and wasn't aired again in the country until the 1970s. Brooke speaks with writer Susan Daitch, who wrote Paper Conspiracies, a novel about the impact of the Dreyfus Affair and the Méliès film."

-Brooke Gladstone, On the Media Dec 9, 2011

Susan Daitch Recommends...

"I'm easily distracted. A couple of masks brought back from Indonesia many years ago hang near my desk. They aren’t overtly menacing, but just looking at them reminds me to knock it off, and get back to work already."

-Susan Daitch, Poets & Writers Sep 14, 2011

A Review of Susan Daitch's Storytown

"Daitch's fictions seem to ask what happens when you can’t even trust written language, especially when it’s used to narrativize reality. These fictions defy typical trajectories and tired destinations, resisting predictable linearities, and so a map for Storytown couldn’t simply be something you could roll or fold out, but something that further abstracts something which is deeply and knowingly abstract."

-John Madera, Big Other Jun 10, 2011

SSM 2011: "The Restorer" by Susan Daitch (reviewed by Tim Horvath)

"Of course if the subject matter of a literary work is art, a painterly style seems suitable, but Susan Daitch in 'The Restorer,' originally published in her collection Storytown (Dalkey Archive, 1996), chooses an unusual perspective, that of a person who cleans away the detritus from paintings and touches them up, peeling away in order to try to reveal the artist's genuine vision, all the while calling into question the very possibility of any such thing."

-Tim Horvath, MDBell May 31, 2011