Guy Debord

Translated by James Brook, John McHale

An audacious autobiography by the founding and pivotal figure of the Situationist International.

Guy Debord's silver-tongue-in-cheek autobiography mixes precision and pastiche in a whirlwind account of philosophy, exploit, and inebriation. From the stark professions of Volume I to the illustrated sequences of Volume 2, Panegyric confronts us with a figure who strategically, demonically tried to wrest life from the disabling modern 'spectacle.' 70 black-and-white illustrations

Title Panegyric
Author Guy Debord
Translated by James Brook, John McHale
Publisher Verso
Title First Published 09 June 2009
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 181 p.
ISBN-10 1844673537
ISBN-13 9781844673537
Publication Date 09 June 2009
Main content page count 181
Weight 16 oz.

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