10th Anniversary Edition
Introduction by James Wood
Translated by Anthea Bell

This tenth anniversary edition of W. G. Sebald's celebrated masterpiece includes a new Introduction by acclaimed critic James Wood.

Austerlitz is the story of a man's search for the answer to his life's central riddle. A small child when he comes to England on a Kindertransport in the summer of 1939, Jacques Austerlitz is told nothing of his real family by the Welsh Methodist minister and his wife who raise him. When he is a much older man, fleeting memories return to him, and obeying an instinct he only dimly understands, Austerlitz follows their trail back to the world he left behind a half century before. There, faced with the void at the heart of twentieth-century Europe, he struggles to rescue his heritage from oblivion.

Title Austerlitz
Subtitle 10th Anniversary Edition
Author W. G. Sebald
Introduction by James Wood
Translated by Anthea Bell
Publisher Modern Library
Title First Published 06 December 2011
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 320 p.
ISBN-10 0812982614
ISBN-13 9780812982619
Publication Date 06 December 2011
Main content page count 320
Weight 16 oz.

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