Modernism in the Streets
Modernism in the Streets
A Life and Times in Essays
Marshall Berman

Both an intellectual biography and a protean collection of social criticism from the late, preeminent philosopher, urbanist and "Marxist with soul." I was skeptical when I got to his chapter on hip-hop (what could this old white man possibly have to say?) but it burned with insight and radical passion. —Recommended by Michael

Essays tracing the intellectual life of a quintessential New York City writer and thinker

Marshall Berman was one of the great urbanists and Marxist cultural critics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and his brilliant, nearly sui generis book All That Is Solid Melts Into Air is a masterpiece of the literature on modernism. But like many New York intellectuals, the essay was his characteristic form, accommodating his multifarious interests and expressing his protean, searching exuberant mind. This collection includes early essays from and on the radical '60s, on New York City, on literary figures from Kafka to Pamuk, and late essays on rock, hip hop, and gentrification. Concluding with his last essay, completed just before his death in 2013, this book is Berman's intellectual autobiography, tracing his career as a thinker through the way he read the "signs in the street."”

Title Modernism in the Streets
Subtitle A Life and Times in Essays
Author Marshall Berman
Publisher Verso
Title First Published 18 April 2017
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 400 p.
ISBN-10 1784784982
ISBN-13 9781784784980
Publication Date 18 April 2018
Main content page count 400
Weight 32 oz.

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