All Over Coffee
Introduction by Andrew Sean Greer

Reader comment | Mar 29, 2011, Nathan J. DiPerri
I stumbled upon Paul Madonna's first "All Over Coffee" compilation while pa-rousing a graphic novel bookshelf in search of publisher prospects. It was near closing time in the book store and since there weren't many customers left, I sat down in the middle of the aisle and started flipping through the pages. Seldom does art move me so that my eyes widen as much as they did in looking at Madonna's ink drawing landscapes and watercolor washes set to poignant lyrical prose. My eyes watered after reading one comic about a man who gets up the nerve to introduce himself to a woman in the coffee shop whom he had ignored the previous day. I immediately snapped the book shut and proceeded to the checkout to make the purchase. "All Over Coffee" is a beautifully crafted, charming, inspiring and lavishly illustrated aesthetic experience.
Reader comment | Feb 16, 2010, Shooshie
This book is unique. Don't let it pass buy it. Paul Madonna is an incredible master of the pen, and I mean that in both arts and letters, which he combines in an unusual manner to great effect in weekly "comic" strip, All Over Coffee. This book documents the evolution of that strip from a very raw origin, to a brief but ongoing melodrama with characters we begin to know, to a more abstract form, devoid of regular characters, and on to what it has become today. Originally Madonna drew...more
Reader comment | Aug 25, 2009, Amber
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