All Over Coffee
Introduction by Andrew Sean Greer

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Paul Madonna on KQED's Spark
Madonna draws "All Over Coffee," a lyrical and often enigmatic comic strip published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Spark catches up with the artist as he begins work on a Mission District scene for his strip.
-KQED: Spark

Bay Area authors' books among best of '07
"Having said that, here are what I consider to be the top books - fiction and nonfiction - of 2007, as well as what I though to be the best book of the year...
All Over Coffee (City Lights) by Paul Madonna: The comic strip All Over Coffee leaves some people cold, while it makes others curl their toes. While I could do without the elliptical, disembodied dialogue, the drawings are wonderful. And as packaged in this collection by City Lights, they can be downright beautiful. The solitary charm and mystery of San Francisco are somehow captured in Madonna's art; it's as if he's distilled the essence of hanging out alone in an apartment, contentedly watching the weather change outside, just happy to be here."
-Oscar Villalon, San Francisco Chronicle Dec 23, 2007