The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book

Robert Crumb, world-famous illustrator and definite pervert, got his start in the underground comics scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book is a collection of his best work from the last 50 years (it's got kids stuff, too, which is pretty fascinating). The volume is a welcome reminder that, screwed up as Crumb may be, he's also a tremendously talented, utterly original artist. He artistically embodies a certain segment of the '60s, and as that fades even further into history, Crumb's material becomes more important. Is The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book funny? Yes, certainly, in a coarse, Rabelaisian way; you'll either find it a hoot, or horribly racist and sexist. And it's not for the kiddies, obviously. But R. Crumb is so well known by now, that you probably know which group you fall into, the lovers or the haters. The lovers will find this book a wonderful treat.

Title The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book
Author R. Crumb
Publisher Back Bay Books
Title First Published 15 October 1998
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 0316163333
ISBN-13 9780316163330
Publication Date 15 October 1998
Main content page count 256
Weight 16 oz.

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