American Nightmare

American Nightmare
Facing the Challenge of Fascism
Foreword by George Yancy

Henry A. Giroux and Brad Evans interviewed by Russell Brand for his podcast, Under the Skin
Mar 3, 2019

"Flirting with Fascism: America's New Path?"
Nov 29, 2018

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on CBC Radio's Ideas show, produced by Mary O'Connell

- Mary O'Connell & Henry A. Giroux

"United in Exile"
Nov 26, 2018

A discussion of the main points in American Nightmare.

- Karen Garcia

Henry A. Giroux interview about American Nightmare published on Medium
Nov 7, 2018
- Media for Us

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on This Is Happening
Oct 13, 2018
- Jerry Quickley

"Henry A. Giroux interviewed on Sojourner Truth about his book 'American Nightmare' "
Aug 23, 2018
- Margaret Prescod

New York Journal of Books

"Overall, this work is a highly articulate demolition of the Trump agenda, which comprehensively and briskly covers the many high crimes and propaganda tactics of an avowedly plutocratic, authoritarian administration."––William Hawes

Winnipeg Free Press

"Giroux eloquently yet forcefully makes the case that the United States has indeed become a fascist state, embodying many of the characteristics of the regimes of the 20th century as well as current prototypes. . . . Giroux argues Trump and his Trumpists not only emulate regimes of the past, but also bring to the table a new corporate authoritarianism that perpetually normalizes white supremacy, ignorance of the masses and massive concentrations of wealth in the hands of the few. . . .  American Nightmare is not only a conceptual analysis of fascism in the U.S., but also a massive wake-up call to the left."––Matt Henderson

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the Gary Null Show on the Progressive Radio Network
Jul 27, 2018

Interview starts at 17:30 mark.

- Gary Null & Henry A. Giroux

Henry A. Giroux appears on the Real News Network to discuss the appointing of Brett Kavanaugh and his new book
Jul 10, 2018
- Henry A. Giroux & Sharmini Peries

Henry Giroux interviewed on WORT Radio's "A Public Affair"
Jun 21, 2018
- Allen Ruff & Henry A. Giroux

Henry Giroux interviewed on Charles Adler Tonight
Jun 20, 2018

On the topic "Is Trump committing 'state terrorism'?"

Henry Giroux interviewed on Project Censored about American Nightmare
Jun 18, 2018
- Mickey Huff & Henry A. Giroux

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on This Is Hell about radical resistance and his new book
Jun 9, 2018
- Chuck Mertz & Henry A. Giroux

"A Democracy in Exile Fights Against Fascism"
Jun 7, 2018

An excerpt from American Nightmare published in Truthout.

- Henry A. Giroux

Henry Giroux interviewed about American Nightmare on Forthright Radio
Jun 6, 2018
- Forthright Radio

"Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the FreshEd with Will Brehm podcast"
Mar 5, 2018
- FreshEd with Will Brehm

"Resisting the Ghost of Fascism with Guest Henry A. Giroux"
Feb 26, 2018

Henry A. Giroux discusses the significance of critical education and his forthcoming book, American Nightmare.

- Project Censored

"Author of 'American Nightmare': Trump has made ‘unabashed right-wing populism and racism’ the center of his power"
Dec 9, 2017

Henry A. Giroux's interview with Chauncey DeVega examined on Raw Story.

- Tom Boggioni

"Scholar Henry Giroux: 'Matters are much worse than when Trump first started'"
Dec 9, 2017

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on The Chauncey DeVega Show and quoted in a piece appearing on

- Chauncey DeVega