D. A. Powell

kids everywhere are called to supper: it's late
it's dark and you're all played out. you want to go home

no rule is left to this game. playmates scatter like
breaking glass
they return to smear the ______. and you're it
--from "[you'd want to go to the reunion: see]"

In Cocktails, D. A. Powell closes his contemporary Divine Comedy with poems of sharp wit and graceful eloquence born of the AIDS pandemic. These poems, both harrowing and beautiful, strive toward redemption and light within the transformative and often conflicting worlds of the cocktail lounge, the cinema, and the Gospels.

Title Cocktails
Subtitle Poems
Author D. A. Powell
Publisher Graywolf Press
Title First Published 01 March 2004
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 72 p.
ISBN-10 1555973957
ISBN-13 9781555973957
Publication Date 01 March 2004
Main content page count 72
Weight 16 oz.

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