No Fascist USA!

No Fascist USA!
The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and Lessons for Today's Movements
Foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley

"Interview with Hilary Moore, co-author of No Fascist USA!"
Mar 25, 2020
- Matthew N. Lyons

Hilary Moore and James Tracy interviewed on Toward Freedom
Mar 20, 2020
- Mike Dineen

Hilary Moore and James Tracy Interviewed on Millennials Are Killing Capitalism Podcast
Mar 18, 2020

"This Process is Freedom: The Ms. Q&A with Lesbian Separatist and Anti-Klan Organizer Trella Laughlin"
Mar 2, 2020

Interview with former John Brown Anti-Klan Committee member Trella Laughlin by Hilary Moore, co-author of No Fascist USA!

- Hilary Moore

"No fascist USA! Lessons from a history of anti-Klan organizing"
Feb 15, 2020

An excerpt from No Fascist USA! published in ROAR Magazine.

Hilary Moore interviewed on WORT Radio
Jan 24, 2020

Hilary Moore discusses No Fascist USA! on WORT Radio in Madison. Interview starts at 22:31. 

Review in CounterPunch
Jan 22, 2020

"Written without sparing the fissures and blind misunderstandings, No Fascist USA! is a must-read for people who know little about this fugitive period and also for those who lived it."––Martin Billheimer

"Anti-racists turn out en masse as far right gains new ground in Germany"
Sep 3, 2019

Op-ed by Hilary Moore about the tens of thousands who took the streets in East Germany on Saturday to declare an anti-racist future amidst growing support for anti-immigrant politics.

- Hilary Moore