No Fascist USA!

No Fascist USA!
The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and Lessons for Today's Movements
Foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley

No Fascist USA! Appears on Social Justice Resource List
Oct 1, 2020

Compiled by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and Los Angeles Public Library. 

Review in Full Stop
Jul 24, 2020

"This would be a difficult project for a book of twice its length, but there is an effortlessness to the way that Moore and Tracy weave together complicating and competing political ideas, taking us through organizations like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Black Panthers, the Weatherman splits from SDS, the formation of the Black Liberation Army, the underlying revolutionary politics to the John Brown that were informed by a group called the May 19th Communist Organization, not to mention the wealth of history of the broader movements themselves. . . . No Fascist USA! beautifully preserves the stories and characters in a way that flows well for the density of what it contains, but is also set up to inform actual organizing work. This is not dead history, it places the reader inside the continuity of its pages, hoping that the wins and losses of the Committee can serve as strategic information."—Shane Burley

Review in January Magazine
Jul 3, 2020

"No Fascist USA! is an important addition to histories of 20th-century anti-racist movements in the United States. Authors Hilary Moore and James Tracy spent time with veterans of the organization of the book's title and have come up with an overview that is both interesting and useful. . . . Moore and Tracy conclude that 'The challenge is to move toward ever more diversity, depth, and nuance, while winning hearts, minds, and communities with the common dream that better world is possible.' Given the rising tide of proto-fascist politics in the United States, let’s hope that many more people take that challenge. This book will remain a worthwhile tool in the struggle to reach that better world."—Ben Terrall

Review in Writing with Movements
Jun 16, 2020

"Hilary Moore and James Tracy's book No Fascist USA! The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and Lessons for Today’s Movements, helps us to access some of this recent instructive history. They tell the story of one of the most militant white anti-racist formations of that period, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee. With significant leadership from lesbians, John Brown chapters across the U.S.—frequently working closely with Black and Brown organizations—confronted fascists in prisons, schools, neighborhoods, police departments, punk scenes, and the streets. As Robin Kelley notes in the foreword, 'They saw themselves as comrades, not allies, in a life-and-death struggle to stop fascism in its tracks.' And many involved in the Committee helped to lay the groundwork for the contemporary movement against the prison industrial complex. Making use of activist publications, news coverage, and interviews with former members, Moore and Tracy trace the trajectory of the Committee and distill concrete lessons for today’s organizing efforts."—Chris Dixon

"Anti-Fascism Versus the Police, 1980s-Style"
Jun 10, 2020

Excerpt from No Fascist USA! published online by YES! Magazine.

- Hilary Moore and James Tracy

Hilary Moore and James Tracy interviewed on New Books in African American Studies Podcast
Jun 12, 2020

Interview by Amanda Joyce Hall.

"Interview with Hilary Moore, co-author of No Fascist USA!"
Mar 25, 2020
- Matthew N. Lyons

Hilary Moore and James Tracy interviewed on Toward Freedom
Mar 20, 2020
- Mike Dineen

Hilary Moore and James Tracy Interviewed on Millennials Are Killing Capitalism Podcast
Mar 18, 2020

Hilary Moore & James Tracy interviewed on KPFA Radio for La Raza Chronicles
Mar 10, 2020

Hilary Moore & James Tracy interviewed on KPFA Radio for La Raza Chronicles. Also appearing is former John Brown Anti-Klan Committee member Pam Faden, who currently works with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

"The Roots of Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist Resistance in the US"
Mar 6, 2020

Robin D.G. Kelley's foreword to No Fascist USA! excerpted in Lit Hub.

- Robin D.G. Kelley

"This Process is Freedom: The Ms. Q&A with Lesbian Separatist and Anti-Klan Organizer Trella Laughlin"
Mar 2, 2020

Interview with former John Brown Anti-Klan Committee member Trella Laughlin by Hilary Moore, co-author of No Fascist USA!

- Hilary Moore

"No fascist USA! Lessons from a history of anti-Klan organizing"
Feb 15, 2020

An excerpt from No Fascist USA! published in ROAR Magazine.

Hilary Moore interviewed on WORT Radio
Jan 24, 2020

Hilary Moore discusses No Fascist USA! on WORT Radio in Madison. Interview starts at 22:31. 

Review in CounterPunch
Jan 22, 2020

"Written without sparing the fissures and blind misunderstandings, No Fascist USA! is a must-read for people who know little about this fugitive period and also for those who lived it."––Martin Billheimer

"Anti-racists turn out en masse as far right gains new ground in Germany"
Sep 3, 2019

Op-ed by Hilary Moore about the tens of thousands who took the streets in East Germany on Saturday to declare an anti-racist future amidst growing support for anti-immigrant politics.

- Hilary Moore