Why Is That Bridge Orange?
Why Is That Bridge Orange?
San Francisco for the Curious
Art Peterson

Art Peterson has translated his lifelong love affair with his favorite city into a sparkling, well-researched guide, exploring San Francisco's quirks, landmarks and eccentricities. Why Is That Bridge Orange? links everyday sights that are the fabric of San Francisco with answers to nagging questions that tantalize the curious. Why is Lombard Street crooked? How does a cable car work? Why are there windmills at Ocean Beach? In 240 pages, 86 of these conundrums are resolved, supported by dozens of contemporary and historical photos. It all adds up to a crash course in urban discovery.

Title Why Is That Bridge Orange?
Subtitle San Francisco for the Curious
Author Art Peterson
Publisher Inquiring Minds Productions
Title First Published 30 November 2013
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 238 p.
ISBN-10 0926664190
ISBN-13 9780926664197
Publication Date 30 November 2013
Main content page count 238
Weight 16 oz.

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