The Lady in the Lake
The Lady in the Lake
A Philip Marlowe Novel

I love all of Chandler's Marlowe novels, but this is my favorite. Before I ever read this I heard and taped a brilliant radio dramatization of it, and to this day while reading it I can still hear the voice of the actor playing Marlowe. Characterizations and plotting are classic Chandler, and the twist at the end still floors me. —Recommended by Jeff, City Lights Books

A couple of missing wives—one a rich man's and one a poor man's—become the objects of Marlowe's investigation. One of them may have gotten a Mexican divorce and married a gigolo and the other may be dead. Marlowe's not sure he cares about either one, but he's not paid to care.

Title The Lady in the Lake
Subtitle A Philip Marlowe Novel
Author Raymond Chandler
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 12 August 1988
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 272 p.
ISBN-10 0394758250
ISBN-13 9780394758251
Publication Date 12 August 1988
Main content page count 272
Weight 16 oz.

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