Tender Buttons

Tender Buttons
The Corrected Centennial Edition
Edited by Seth Perlow
Afterword by Juliana Spahr

Press Reviews

Rain Taxi Review of Books

"Tender Buttons is a dazzling work that rewards close study and requires a willingness to let go of the need for concrete, literal storytelling."—Christopher Luna, Rain Taxi Review of Books

Jewish Book Council

"Tender Buttons is a showcase of Stein's joyful draw to words."—Dina Weinstein, Jewish Book Council

Scene4 Magazine

"What distinguishes this edition from others is over 100 edits, some indicated by Stein in her unmistakable handwriting found by editor Perlow in a first-edition copy held at the University of Colorado, as well as other corrections gleaned from her papers at Beinecke Library of Yale University and from the Library of America edition."--Karren LaLonde Alenier, Scene4 Magazine

San Francisco Bay Times

"She did in writing what Picasso and her other painter friends were doing in their Cubist painting. Writing had to be moved out of the grip of the nineteenth century. All naturalistic description, romanticism and sentimentality had to be left behind."--Renate Stendhal, San Francisco Bay Times