Tender Buttons

Tender Buttons
The Corrected Centennial Edition
Edited by Seth Perlow
Afterword by Juliana Spahr

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"Twenty-two microreviews of "Tender Buttons" by Jacket2"

Jacket2 presents "microreviews" by various writers who reflect on this book that first appeared in print in 1914.

-Jacket2 Mar 10, 2015

"Harriet, blog of The Poetry Foundation"

Harriet gives Tender Buttons a nice shout out, linking to the City Lights podcast series recording of the San Francisco book event.

-Harriet May 7, 2014

"Essay: Keeping up with Gertrude Stein 100 years later."

Richard Froude discusses Tender Buttons on it's centennial for Colorado Public Radio.

-Richard Froude, Colorado Public Radio Apr 28, 2014

"The Rumpus poetry column features Tender Buttons"

Tender Buttons was recently reissued by City Lights Books, to mark the centennial of a volume that broke language barriers, acknowledging hungers to see more. It challenged with inspired daring.

-Barbara Berman, The Rumpus Apr 2, 2014

"Seth Perlow interviewed on WBAI in New York"

Seth Perlow discusses his corrected centennial edition of Tender Buttons with Janet Coleman of Cat Radio Cafe. Choose show recorded on March 31, 2014 from the archives page. Interview begins around 9 minutes in.

-Janet Coleman, Cat Radio Cafe, WBAI Mar 31, 2014

"NPR story on the 75th anniversary of a Stein publication, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose."

While we're getting ready to celebrate Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons centennial in 2014, did you know that her children's book turned 75? (Yes, that's right, Stein authored a kid's book!)

-National Public Radio Nov 9, 2013