Build Bridges, Not Walls
Build Bridges, Not Walls
A Journey to a World Without Borders

"A lucrative border-industrial complex keeps the US border in constant 'crisis'"
Apr 19, 2021

Commentary by Todd Miller published in The Guardian.

"A Journalist Says Borders Cause More Destabilization Than They Solve"
Apr 19, 2021

Todd Miller interviewed on Texas Standard about Build Bridges, Not Walls.

"Episode 19: Build Bridges, Not Walls: A Conversation with Author Todd Miller"
Apr 20, 2021

Todd Miller interviewed by Karen Spring on Honduras Now podcast.

Review in New York Journal of Books
Apr 12, 2021

"Will appeal to visionaries yearning for an end to man-made divides and the deliberate building of bridges of kindness and compassion."—Joseph Barbato

Bookseller Recommendation from Politics and Prose
Apr 6, 2021

"Turn a wall on its side, and you have a bridge. Of course, as Miller knows too well after covering border issues for 15 years, it's not that simple. The world is suffering from a severe case of 'wall sickness,' which fuels and is fueled by nationalism and xenophobia, afflicts nearly everyone whether they work or live near a border or not, diverts resources from, for instance, fighting climate change, to criminalizing climate refugees, and has caused the number of border walls worldwide since 1989 to grow from 15 to 70-plus. Focusing on Southwest desert crossings, Miller draws on a wide range of statistics, analysis, and, most powerfully, interviews with border agents, activists, refugees, and their families to examine arguments for and against open borders. Offering water to a dehydrated man, listening to a father's anguish over a missing daughter, and recounting an agent’s epiphany when he watched an injured teenager die, Miller argues for the value of our common humanity, showing how we could reinvent the world by replacing competition with cooperation; as with COVID, to heal the ills of discrimination and division, we need to work together for everyone’s benefit."—Laurie Greer, Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC

"The Struggle for Empathy Within the Border Patrol's 'Culture of Cruelty'"
Apr 5, 2021

Excerpt from Build Bridges, Not Walls published in Literary Hub.

Todd Miller Interviewed on Rising Up with Sonali
Apr 2, 2021

24-minute interview with Todd Miller discussing Build Bridges, Not Walls

"The Border-Industrial Complex – What Will Biden Do?"
Mar 31, 2021

Todd Miller interviewed on WORT Radio in Madison, WI. 

"11 New Books for April"
Mar 31, 2021

"A resident of Tucson, Arizona, Miller has been writing about U.S.-Mexico border issues for more than 15 years. In this new book, his reflections culminate in a call to eradicate borders and a compelling argument for how a borderless world might help solve the global crises we face."—Nasim Ghasemiyeh and Rasheed Saka

"'Border Industrial Complex' Persecutes Immigrants While Enriching Corporations"
Mar 31, 2021

Todd Miler interviewed by Scott Harris. 

"Why Did Border Security Firms Bet on Biden in 2020?"
Mar 25, 2021

Commentary by Todd Miller published in The Nation.

"The Greater the Disaster, the Greater the Profits"
Mar 23, 2021

New commentary by Todd Miller in TomDispatch touching on what he calls the "Border Industrial Complex" and featuring obsverations and encounters from a February 2021 visit to a section of the border wall in Sasabe, AZ.

Todd Miller interviewed on Talk World Radio
Mar 9, 2021

Todd Miller in conversation with David Swanson. 

"Why is Border Patrol Exempt from the Fourth Amendment? with Todd Miller"
Feb 23, 2021

Todd Miller interviewed on Adam Conover's podcast, Factually!, on the Earwolf podcast network. Episode 93. 

"Global Migration and the Militarization of the Borders"
Feb 16, 2021

Todd Miller in conversation with host Mitch Jeserich about his career as an investigative journalist covering the border and his forthcoming book, Build Bridges Not Walls