Little Hill

Little Hill

Excerpt in Harper's Magazine
Dec 1, 2019

An excerpt from Little Hill is published in Harper's December 2019 issue.

- Alli Warren

Excerpt in The Poetry Project
Nov 18, 2020

An excerpt from the poem "Moveable C" published on the Poetry Project's site. 

"A Thinking-Feeling: Alli Warren Interviewed by Trisha Low'
Jun 20, 2020

"An Interview with Alli Warren"
Apr 14, 2020
- Ted Dodson

Excerpt in the Brooklyn Rail
Apr 7, 2020

An excerpt from the poem "Water and Power." 

- Alli Warren

"Alli Warren Translates Five Books into Poems"
Mar 30, 2020

Original piece by Alli Warren in Literary Hub.

- Alli Warren

Sep 10, 2020

"In Alli Warren's book, a linguistic skepticism—or call it a healthy sense of the absurd—is often present towards everyday 'practical’ uses of language . . . our mercantile language gets into our labor body on 'office time' even when granted an ostensibly autonomous sliver of 'free time—much of which is 'spent' trying to shake off the soul-draining dynamics of the workplace in tender measures of nature reverence and hope, only to be sucked back in by an atrocious manifestation of injustice. Yet, it is partially because she does not underestimate a world in which 'everything organized to deliver force on a routine basis' that she is able to suggest alternatives to it. . . .  I love this little pocket-book book."—Chris Stroffolino

SPD Recommends Little Hill
Mar 26, 2020