The Scale of Maps

The Scale of Maps
Translated by Mark Schafer

Mark Schafer

Mark Schafer has translated novels, short stories, essays, and poetry by many Latin American authors including Jaime Sabines, Virgilio Piñera, Gloria Gervitz, Jesús Gardea, Eduardo Galeano, and Antonio José Ponte. Schafer has received numerous grants and awards for his translations, including the Robert Fitzgerald Prize and two Translation Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Schafer's translation, Before Saying Any of the Great Words: Selected Poetry of David Huerta was published in January 2009 by Copper Canyon Press. (For more information on this book and to hear Huerta read his poetry in Spanish go to His translation of Belén Gopegui's novel La escala de los mapas (The Scale of Maps) will be published by City Lights in January of 2011. Schafer is also a visual artist who makes provocative collages with maps, which can be viewed on his website. A translation of "A Few Words on the Death of Major Sabines," a long poem by Jaimi Sabines, came out in the bilingual anthology Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems from Latin America.

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