Translated by James Brook

Victor Serge, an authentic witness of the political and cultural struggles of this century, wrote these poems of Resistance in Orenburg in Central Asia, where he was sent into exile by Stalin in 1933. He eulogizes close friends and comrades and movingly records and shares the lives of the people he lived among on the steppe, far from the centers of power, intrigue, and history.

Richard Greeman writes in his introduction that Serge "spoke the truth aloud and perpetuated the spiritual tradition of the Russian revolutionary intelligentsia at the very moment when the voices of his colleagues were forced into silence (so that) this collection of poems, written in deportation on the Ural, represents a unique strand of continuity between a lost generation and what one hopes will be a new beginning, 'with no blank pages,' in Soviet literature."

"Victor Serge's Memoirs contain the fiber and metaphor of poetry: his novels are replete with the same pulse and rhythm. Even his titles—Birth of Our Power—have a ringing quality. Now, with Resistance, we are given the poems that described and survived the midnight of our century, written with a balanced passion and sobriety—optimism of the will—from the other shore." —Christopher Hitchens, author of Hitch-22

"The poems in this slender volume vividly record his years spent fighting in the Russian Revolution before Serge was exiled in 1933 to central Asia. . . . Serge's biting irony, unlike that found in his Russian contemporaries, conceals an unfailing hope and sensitivity--he does not simply mourn the death of a friend, but records the look and feel of the unbreathing body with a lover's gentleness." —Publishers Weekly

Title Resistance
Author Victor Serge
Translated by James Brook
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Title First Published 01 November 1989
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 112 p.
ISBN-10 0872862259
ISBN-13 9780872862258
Publication Date 01 November 1989
Main content page count 112
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $5.95

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