The Poetry Deal

The Poetry Deal
San Francisco Poet Laureate Series No. 5

Pacific Rim Review of Books

"Ultimately, Diane di Prima will escape her status as the most famous female beatnik and a "feminist icon," and readers will encounter a multifaceted poet whose complicated lineages and stubborn personality produced a rich body of work containing several timeless lyrics, though it's far too soon to know which ones they are."—Kurt Lipschutz

Fourth & Sycamore

"The Poetry Deal: San Francisco Poet Laureate Series No. 5 gives us di Prima's vision as she looks back at a life lived truly and looks out at a society she still has hope for even as it grieves its failings."—David Nilsen, Fourth & Sycamore: A Literary Journal

Poetry Flash

"In her first new full-length book of poetry in decades, here is a major poet working at the peak of her powers. Now approaching the end of a writing life, di Prima is taking stock of her ideals, ambitions, of progress achieved and unachieved. Because of the way America adopted and followed the Beat movement in her era, in an important way, the book assumed a dimension of America looking back on itself."—Bruce Isaacson

Beat Scene Magazine

"This is a volume that traverses the specific and reaches the universal. She marks her poems with great strength and utmost sensitivity. They are poems that live in real time; not cyberspace. di Prima's poetry is well-lived and poetry worth living in. She is a gifted teacher enjoining the reader to face life's lessons for the attendant dilemmas of old age. Carry this book with you. It will arm you with continuous insight and flaming provocation."—Robert Sutherland-Cohen

"Winner of NCIBA Poetry Award"
Apr 13, 2015

Booksellers in Northern California voted for their favorite books by local authors from last year. The Poetry Deal won the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) Award for Poetry!


Lion's Roar

"The Poetry Deal is di Prima's first full-length book of new poems in decades. It includes poignant pieces about loss and aging, as well as impassioned political verse and odes to such diverse figures as the Tibetan teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Caribbean-American writer and activist Audre Lorde."—Andrea Miller

World Literature Today

"...di Prima's concerns transcend her own condition and do the broader work of poetry, which 'constantly renews our seeing: so we can speak the constantly changing Truth'...Neither naïve nor jaded, di Prima continues to write what she sees and to encourage our attention."—Michelle Johnson

"Interview with Diane di Prima, SF Chronicle"
Nov 5, 2014

Jonah Raskin interviews Diane di Prima about her new book, The Poetry Deal.

- Jonah Raskin, SF Chronicle

"'Some Words About the Poem' from Diane di Prima's The Poetry Deal"
Nov 6, 2014

An excerpt from Diane di Prima's The Poetry Deal.

- Reality Sandwich

Publishers Weekly

"Recounting a life in poetry, her commitment to progressive thought and action, and a half-century of Bay Area culture, crises, and change, di Prima writes at the top of her game...di Prima recalls the time an institutionalized Ezra Pound told her that 'poets have to eat'; rarely has a poet left so much bread on the table for future poets."—*Starred Review

Bay Area News Group

"From her early days as a member of the Beat generation in the 1950s to her selection as San Francisco poet laureate in 2009, Diane di Prima has been essential to the Bay Area literary scene. This slim volume of new works finds her still pursuing the personal and political interests that have shaped her career. Framed by two prose statements reflecting on San Francisco, the poems chronicle love and loss, war and AIDS, and remembrances of fellow writers, poets and thinkers."—Georgia Rowe

The Rumpus

"The Poetry Deal [is] an urgent success of the highest order...Diane di Prima should always be high on the American poetry play list."—Barbara Berman

KQED Books

"As San Francisco goes through the drastic changes ushered in by the booming tech economy, here comes a collection of new poems from one of the city's cultural stalwarts — her first full-length book in decades. A feminist and an early member of the Beats, di Prima reflects on her life in the Bay Area in what her publisher calls an 'often elegiac' work. The 80-year-old former San Francisco Poet Laureate notes what has been lost in the city she's called home since the '60s, but also celebrates what endures."—Oscar Villalon

"Interview with Thurston Moore"
Oct 19, 2014

Thurston Moore reflects on the importance of poetry in his songwriting, and his respect for Diane di Prima.

- Alyssa Pereira, Consequence of Sound