The Grey Album
The Grey Album
On the Blackness of Blackness

Recommended by Paul, City Lghts Books

Taking its title from Danger Mouse's pioneering mashup of Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' The White Album, Kevin Young’s encyclopedic book combines essay, cultural criticism, and lyrical chorus to illustrate the African American tradition of lying—storytelling, telling tales, fibbing, improvising, "jazzing." What emerges is a persuasive argument for the many ways that African American culture is American culture, and the centrality of art—and artfulness—to our daily life. Moving from gospel to soul, funk to freestyle, Young sifts through the shadows, the bootleg, the remix, the grey areas of our history, literature, and music.

Praise for The Grey Album:

"Kevin Young’s The Grey Album is a page-turning dynamo. Here’s a surge that nudges the reader into a bluesy terrain; its panoramic wit and critical certainty cut through the hokum and reveal a timbre of endurance. The Grey Album resonates like a spasm band, generating waves of intimate discourse on black music, literature, entertainment, culture, folklore, and American history. The collection of essays is propelled by a kinetic passion that’s heroic, tessellating on the page into its postmodern shape. This poet-critic has created an unforgettable, robust trove of insights and lyrical gestures for us to query and embrace."
—Yusef Komunyakaa

"This is a narrative of surprises—a book of secrets, too, though many of those secrets, as we discover, are cunningly hidden in plain sight (or in plain speech). The Grey Album investigates, even as it also performs, an American covert history—the stories behind any official or familiar story—as well as some emblematic escapes from and into American history. Veering across many vernaculars, from literature into music, theory into autobiography, Kevin Young writes cultural criticism of the most audacious, skillful, and ultimately touching sort."
—Robert Polito, judge’s statement for the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize

Title The Grey Album
Subtitle On the Blackness of Blackness
Author Kevin Young
Title First Published 13 March 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1555976077
ISBN-13 9781555976071
Publication Date 13 March 2012
Weight 16 oz.

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