Shock Treatment
Shock Treatment

Press Reviews

"Obscenity is Finley's subject-not four letter words but the emotion propelling them. Her monologues expose unspeakable acts and unforgivable feelings, deconstructing relationships into the most primal urges." - C. Carr, The Village Voice

"Karen Finley is one of the most relentlessly independent and visceral performances artists of her generation."

- Los Angeles Times


"In a decade when most artists- painters, writers, performance people- have freely elected to make their work in order to gross money and court popularity, Finley has chosen: Not only to criticize this society defined by fear, or greed (the other side of fear). But also to explore that which is most dangerous for women to explore: our own sexualities which in our public history men have used to define us and so to attempt to control us. Finley is a courageous and charismatic performer, writer, and explorer." -Kathy Acker