Stranger in Town
City Lights Spotlight No. 4

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Cedar Sigo's Stranger in Town

"Early in a kind of manifesto / poetics Sigo calls 'The Sun': 'Collaboration can be a terrific introduction to poetry.' 'The Sun' walks a thin tonal line, somewhere between wild careening innocence and its counterfeit, a (nevertheless heart-breaking) mock-innocence, tongue bulging out a cheek:

'Poetry can be a difficult field to enter into, as I find people sometime think of it as old fashioned. It is this assumption that drives me to try & keep current. I do not just want to interest academics. Skaters are more dear to my heart. Boredom is the cardinal sin. Collaboration can be a terrific introduction to poetry. Things tend to happen a lot faster than they might with a single author. Sometimes I will just be talking my head off while someone else has the typewriter & bits of our conversation will find their way in.'"

-John Latta, Isola di Rifiuti Oct 6, 2010