Yokohama Threeway

Yokohama Threeway
And Other Small Shames

Press Reviews

World Literature Today

". . . Yokohama Threeway blends the funny and the painful into an elixir more closely resembling cough medicine than soda pop—a little bitter, made up of strange ingredients, not real pretty, but necessary if you want to get better. In the end, you are happy you took it, even if it leaves a funky aftertaste."--Kerri Shadid, World Literature Today


"Yokohama Threeway mixes equal parts of pain, humor, and honesty to deliver a short, fast, satisfying read. There are jokes, apologies, anecdotes, and confessions that range from the deeply personal to the universal and from the philosophical to the horrible. When you're ready to accept that you're as bad as the rest of us and take pleasure in the humiliation of others, pick this one up."--Gabino Iglesias, Entropy

SF Weekly

"Beth Lisick's Yokohama Threeway: And Other Small Shames, from the City Lights/Sister Spit imprint, is filled with lifey vignettes of horror that stay with us for years (and sometimes forever), but that we rarely find occasion to talk about, yet alone take pleasure in. But now, thanks to Yokohama Threeway, we can! . . . Lisick's memoir o'shames is comprised of a series of poignant and pointless embarrassments -- the time a trendy hair extension experiment led to a group of children screaming "Take off your wig, you man" until she was forced to leave a party ("The Engagement Party")" -- Anna Pulley, SF Weekly

BUST Magazine

"Lisick's essay read like a massive series of confessions, as if the only way to ease her mind over such troubles is to tell the whole world about them. Luckily for her readers, Lisick is a clever poet and comedian with the skills to elicit laughter, tears, and (sometimes) cringes with her embarrassing anecdotes. . . By confessing, lisick is able to let these traumas go. And maybe her mistakes will make readers check twice before leaving public bathrooms."—Jacqueline Sheppard, BUST Magazine

Bitch Magazine

"Lisick has decided to let us into her strange inner sanctum and it feels intimate and sweet. And though you'll be laughing, you won't be laughing at her but with her - a critical distinction and an incredibly difficult task in writing, one that Lisick accomplishes masterfully. So while you or I may never have the guts to share the sorts of stories that Lisick does, I promise you'll be grateful she did. Grateful and maybe a little shocked."Tina Vasquez, Bitch Magazine

San Francisco Chronicle

"The book that had me laughing the hardest this year was Beth Lisick's Yokohama Threeway and Other Small Shames. The stories in this hilarious collection are naked and embarrassing and pure. But what I most appreciate about Lisick's storytelling is her brazen disregard for anything except verity. She's not interested in participating in the worldwide clever competition. No, Beth is all about the sloppy, topsy-turvy, warts-and-all truth. Acerbic, ignominious and terrifying at times, the stories told in this slim book always have the core of earnestness."—Joshua Mohr, "Writers' favorite books of 2013," San Francisco Chronicle

SF Weekly

"Beth Lisick's collection of 'small shames' is a laugh-out-loud series of short, revelatory confessions propelled by curiosity and an acute desire to experience the world. It is not now and perhaps never will be quite in vogue for people to share their shames, but Lisick does it with aplomb and even exuberance."--Evan Karp, SF Weekly

Shelf Awareness

"Beth Lisick recalls a litany of minor transgressions with humility, hilarity and incisive wit."—Annie Atherton, Shelf Awareness

Out Magazine

"The Sister Spit vet, known for her wry wit and bare-all honesty, spills some of the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments of her life. Hannah Horvath, meet your match." --Out Magazine 

Largehearted Boy

"Beth Lisick's new essay collection Yokohama Threeway made me laugh out loud more than anything else I have read all year. She is a master at sharing her life experiences with self-deprecating yet honest humor."—David Gutowski, Largehearted Boy


"Groundbreaking and best-selling writer and performance artist Lisick presents a collection of four-dozen brief tales from her life. In one, a good-hearted dad arrives to buy Lisick's dryer for his college daughter's new place, opens the lid, and sees a foot-long, sparkly purple dildo. In another free-floating, briefly haunting episode, 'Piece of Nirvana,' she confesses to repeating stale stories, such as 'Kurt Cobain lit my cigarette once.' She then offers her trademark pseudointellectual advice: 'Have a celebrity anecdote more than one week old? Just stop saying it. See how it feels to abandon something you thought was precious that actually means nothing.' In the title incident, Lisick describes herself as having been 'a woman who helped a mediocre man live out a classic fantasy from Penthouse Forum' on a futon. Lisick likes 'to speak with authority because I say almost nothing with authority.' Not true. Her seemingly unconnected, ironic, dryly funny, sometimes cringe-worthy vignettes constitute a strangely touching and engaging portrait of the artist as a young screwup."
— Whitney Scott, Booklist

7x7 Magazine

"Yokohama Threeway and Other Shames, by Porchlight cofounder Beth Lisick, divulges the author's most embarrassing moments in a series of short essays dripping with wicked humor."—7x7 Magazine

Review Fix

". . . Lisick celebrates our uncanny ability to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and plod on. By making private abashment public, she pulls no punches. Indeed, by chuckling at life's whammies and zingers, she leaves us clamoring for more."