Yokohama Threeway

Yokohama Threeway
And Other Small Shames

"A strangely touching and engaging portrait of the artist as a young screwup."—Booklist

"The ultimate joyride for those of us who enjoy cringe-worthy embarrassment, genuine pathos, and an overdosing amount of schadenfreude."—Michael Ian Black

Peering into life's cringe-worthy moments, best-selling author Beth Lisick excavates territory that most would rather ignore. Funny, odd, deeply personal, yet somehow universal, these are the kind of memories that haunt us all, the small, awful moments of shame and humiliation that we'd rather forget than relive.

Beth Lisick has made a career of opening her life to her readers in all of its messy, smart hilarity, but this type of story doesn't usually find its way into a memoir. With her trademark humor and sly intelligence, writing in short flashes the way these episodes tend to pop up in memory, Lisick recounts her most embarrassing moments with gusto. From a trick she played on a neighbor thirty years ago to what she accidentally blurted out at last night's dinner party, she explores the bad judgments and free-floating regrets that keep her up at night, and the result is a daring, candid and wickedly funny collection of embarrassment embraced, the triumph of humor and perspective over everyday mortification.

Writer, performer and independent film actress, Beth Lisick is the author of the New York Times bestselling comic memoir Everybody Into the Pool and the gonzo self-help manifesto Helping Me Help Myself.

More Praise for Yokohama Threeway:

""This book is fucking great."—Kathleen Hanna

These short pieces, which at first seem casually constructed and connected, are immediately funny, ironic, personable, embarrassing and oddly appealing. Yet quickly they accumulate into deep emotional resonance. Just a few pages in and I was totally involved with the struggles of this clearly talented, hilariously confused person to be better in her own weird antic backassward ways. Full of indelible phrases (Panda Ambulance!) and painfully irrefutable observations about art, crappy jobs, friendship, wealth, sex, hygiene, booze, motherhood, and so many other things, this book is basically the inverse of those sappy self-discovery memoirs that inevitably arc into hard earned wisdom and self-discovery. This writer has the courage to stay in difficult places, and therefore be truer to life. I laughed and cringed and cared more and more. Thank you, Beth Lisick, it was and continues to be worth all the struggles."—Matthew Zapruder, author of Come On All You Ghosts

"Yokohama Threeway by Beth Lisick is a whip-smart, occasionally profound, often profane, always very funny collection of somewhere around three hundred (judged by weight) short, sharp, sweet literary shocks. Speaking as someone who hates everything, I love this book."—James Greer, musician & author of The Failure

"What to call Beth Lisick's Yokohama Threeway? Part flash fiction, part poetry, part outsider art. Reality television, minus the cameras. Spoon River Anthology meets Tom Waits. I'll settle for hilarious, heartbreaking, compassionate, pitch perfect, utterly original."—Joyce Maynard, author of After Her and Labor Day

"No matter how civilized we all like to pretend we are, Lisick's writing reminds us how simultaneously wonderful and terrible it is to be alive. By baring her own 'Oh, no!' experiences, she shows us there is no shame in being human. Okay, a lot of shame. But at least it's funny shame."—Kim Wong Keltner, author of Tiger Babies Strike Back

Praise for Beth Lisick:

"An author you can't refuse."—Entertainment Weekly

"[Her] sense of humor makes even the more ridiculous aspects of her history appealing."—People Magazine

Title Yokohama Threeway
Subtitle And Other Small Shames
Author Beth Lisick
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Co-publisher Sister Spit
Title First Published 01 September 2013
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 112 p.
ISBN-10 0872866254
ISBN-13 9780872866256
Publication Date 01 September 2013
Main content page count 112
Absolute page count 128
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $14.95

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