Mephistos and Other Poems

Mephistos and Other Poems

American Book Review

"Michael McClure rides a spirit wind through meat flower breath. For six decades, he has honed a sentient sensibility that conveys ease, peace and wisdom. Shamanistic riffs and Zen zingers ring out among haiku phrasings and Beat chantings in these gemlike verses."—Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, American Book Review

Tillalala Chronicles
Jun 9, 2017

"McClure's observations and most importantly his feelings about the universe are uncannily explicit, palpable in their expression. A reading of one or two poems brings you deeper into a sense of being, an exquisite immediacy to everything in you and above you and around you that is so sudden in its effect it's almost startling."

Beat Scene

"Some writings are reworkings of earlier things. There are sections delineating phases of the book. Mephistos, at points, seems to be reworking of earlier themes. The section, Some Fringes are haiku-like poems. McClure tells us he has jettisoned some of the strict rules of haiku to arrive where he has. This part of the book seems, to me, to be where he connects most closely with nature. Perhaps after walks, trips to the sea, concise collections of his thoughts on return. There is an immediate quality to them, just as a painter will sketch preparatory notes."––Tom Swift

Paul E Nelson

"This is poetry for seekers, those interested in developing their inner lives. This is the essence of 'soul-science' and there is no 20th/21st century poet more adept at this than McClure. 'If poetry and science cannot change one's life they're meaningless' he states in the preface to his book 'Three Poems' and his spontaneous technique allows him access to realms that can be seen as outside himself, or as the highest aspects of his self, the noble self, noble human life force."

Feature in the East Bay Times
Nov 22, 2016

Berkeley: Beat poetry legend Michael McClure to read at Moe's

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Nov 17, 2016
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Interview on Harriet, the Poetry Foundation's blog
Nov 15, 2016

Michael McClure on his 25th volume of poetry and more.

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New York Journal of Books

"If you've enjoyed McClure’s writings in the past, this volume ought to recapture your poetic heart and rekindle your imagination. Indeed, 'Mephisto 20' was featured in The New Yorker a few years ago. 'You know me my my/white-haired adventures/on the cliff edge,' he wrote in that poem. If you haven't read his work yet, read him now while he’s still alive and still on the edge."—Jonah Raskin, New York Journal of Books

San Francisco Chronicle

"Mephistos is perhaps an open love letter to all of McClure's many fans who have followed him ever since he arrived in San Francisco from Kansas City more than half a century ago. We owe McClure thanks for the poems, plays, songs, novels and films. He became."—Jonah Raskin, San Francisco Chronicle

- San Francisco Chronicle