Storming the Wall

Storming the Wall
Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security

Storming the Wall is a "suggested book on the border" in the New York Times' weekly newsletter, Crossing the Border
May 2, 2019
- The New York Times

"How Climate Change Factors into Migration from Central America"
Apr 12, 2019

Todd Miller interviewed on Arizona 360 about the subject of his book, Storming the Wall.

- Arizona Public Media

"Speaker: Climate change a significant factor in migration crises, in U.S. and worldwide"
Apr 1, 2019

Interview with Todd Miller after his appearance in Missoula at a discussion panel sponsored by Soft Landing Missoula.

- Laura Lundquist

London Review of Books
Feb 7, 2019

"In the news, there had been little attempt to explain why farmers from Guatemala and Honduras––two 'dry corridor' countries wracked by consecutive years of drought––were trekking to the United States. Miller’s book was a welcome antidote. . . ."––McKenzie Funk

"The Climate Wall: Q&A with Todd Miller"
Feb 6, 2019

Todd Miller interviewed in The Nation about Storming the Wall.

- Will Meyer

"The Weather and the Wall"
Jan 23, 2019

Article about border control and climate change includes a commentary of Storming the Wall by Todd Miller.

- Will Meyer

"Climate Change and Its Staggering Refugee Crisis"
Oct 17, 2018

An excerpt from Storming the Wall appears in Yes! Magazine.

- Todd Miller

"One Planet: Climate Change, Migration, and Border Militarization"
Oct 10, 2018

Todd Miller interviewed on KALW's Your Call about the subjects discussed in Storming the Wall.

- Rose Aguilar & Malihe Razazan

El Nuevo Sol

"… [S]hows a different perspective on how the public sees our nation's security, immigration, and global warming. . . . Miller's book will remain relevant for years to come, not only does it discuss climate change as an important cause of migration but also how the government is using more security to create borders that prevent that migration. Overall, this reading was easy to understand and follow along. I really appreciate this book for making me more aware of situations that could affect me and my future kids."––Sharon Carrillo

"The Border-Security-Industrial Complex: A Conversation with Todd Miller"
Oct 3, 2018
- Gabriel Schivone

"What Will Climate Change Do to the U.S.-Mexico Border?"
Sep 26, 2018

Todd Miller's column appearing in Yes! Magazine.

- Todd Miller

Todd Miller interviewed by the University of Arizona's student paper.
Sep 25, 2018
- Vinamra Kumar

"Climate change is contributing to the migration of Central American refugees"
Jul 15, 2018

Todd Miller interviewed on PRI's Living on Earth.

- Adam Wernick

"Climate change is contributing to the migration of Central American refugees"
Jul 15, 2018

Todd Miller interviewed on WBFO.

- Adam Wernick

"Todd Miller via TomDispatch: 'The Border Fetish, The U.S. Frontier as a Zone of Profit and Sacrifice"
Apr 24, 2018

Todd Miller writes on the increased militarization at the U.S/Mexico Border for TomDispatch.

"Todd Miller appears on Democracy Now! segment about the ramping up of U.S. Border Policies"
Apr 5, 2018

Todd Miiller interviewed by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh in a 35-minute video segment.

- Todd Miller

"Todd Miller is the recipient of the 2018 Izzy Award for excellence in investigative journalism"
Mar 13, 2018

"Every so often a book comes along that can dramatically change, or elevate, one's thinking about a global problem. Much like Naomi Klein’s books, Todd Miller’s 'Storming the Wall’ is such a book and deserves far more attention and discussion."–David Maley

"Todd Miller's panel on immigration and race relations at the Tucson Festival of Books broadcasted on C-SPAN Book TV"
Mar 11, 2018

"Video of Todd Miller's talk at UC Davis"
Feb 14, 2018

Filmed at UC Davis on 1/25/2018.

"Journalist Todd Miller Speaks About Climate Change, Migration"
Feb 13, 2018

Todd Miller's talk at UC Davis chronicled by Jacqueline Moore in the university's student-run paper. 

"Todd Miller Interviewed on KSKQ in Ashland, OR by Byron Carrier and Jason Houk"
Feb 5, 2018

"The Rise of Walls in a Warming World"
Jan 19, 2018

An op-ed by Todd Miller published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Also appeared in the print Sunday Edition.

- Todd Miller

"Climate Change, Mass Migration and the Border Militarization to Come"
Jan 8, 2018

An interview with Todd Miller on

- Jacob Resneck


"Todd Miller explains just what kind of dystopian nightmare is in store for [refugees] and, in a sense, for us all."––Tom Engelhardt

"Interview with Todd Miller on Unauthorized Disclosure Podcast"
Dec 17, 2017

Todd Miller is interviewed by Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola on the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast, a transcript of which is posted on ShadowProof.

- Kevin Gosztola

"An Excerpt from Storming the Wall appears in NACLA Report on the Americas"
Dec 13, 2017
- Todd Miller

Los Angeles Review of Books

"Storming the Wall is a highly personal, narrative-driven book. . . . Miller's book brings the dilemmas of climate migrants and refugees out of the realm of policy makers and academics, painting a vivid picture of an increasingly stratified, fortified world. Climate change, often discussed in terms of degrees of temperature change and inches of sea-level rise, can often be hard to understand on an emotional level. Miller portrays the front lines of the issue in human terms: a young child on a low-lying island in the Philippines, a Honduran farmer whose crops have withered in a prolonged drought. Miller leads the reader through his own personal process of connecting the dots between militarization and climate change . . . [and] strikes the rare balance of alerting his readers to the threat without paralyzing them with fear."—Martha Pskowski

"Tomgram: Todd Miller, The Market in Walls Is Growing in a Warming World"
Dec 7, 2017

Excerpt from Storming the Wall appears on, with preceding commentary by Tom Engelhardt.

- Tom Engelhardt & Todd Miller

"An Excerpt from Storming the Wall appears in Upside Down World."
Dec 5, 2017
- Upside Down World

350 Bay Area

"Miller makes the nightmarish world of climate chaos personal . . . but Miller does not leave us without hope.  Another world is possible."—Jack Lucero Fleck

"Todd Miller interviewed on Rising Up with Sonali"
Nov 21, 2017

Todd Miller interviewed via Skype for Rising Up with Sonali with Storming the Wall featured.

"Todd Miller interviewed on A Worldview Apart podcast"
Nov 13, 2017

"Todd Miller interviewed on the Trailblaise podcast by Blaise Scemama."
Oct 19, 2017

Todd Miller is interviewed by Blaise Scemama on the Trailblaise podcast.

"In the Era of Climate Change, Militarized Borders Reinforce an Unjust World Order"
Sep 28, 2017

An excerpt from Storming the Wall published in Truthout.

"Neto's Tucson: Local author links climate change, migration, border militarization"
Sep 24, 2017

Todd Miller interviewed for Arizona Daily Star.

"Checkpoint Trauma: An excerpt from Storming the Wall appears in Tucson Weekly"
Sep 21, 2017

"Storming the Wall: Miller's book documents growing border crackdowns on climate refugees"
Sep 14, 2017

Todd Miller interviewed for Tucson Weekly.

"'The Border Industrial Complex, Todd Miller interviewed on KPFA Radio"
Sep 12, 2017

"Todd Miller interviewed in Texas Observer August issue"
Aug 14, 2017

"In Todd Miller's prescient new book, Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security, the Tucson journalist and author travels the globe to document how climate disasters are uprooting people from their homes. Miller visits the Philippines in the wake of 2013's devastating Typhoon Haiyan, as well as Central America and other global hot spots, documenting a rapidly changing world of rising sea levels, melting ice caps and border walls guarded by machine gun-toting men. He walks on a pilgrimage with climate activists to the United Nations’ climate summit in Paris, where a former Filipino negotiator turned activist tells Miller a grassroots movement is the only solution to push wealthier nations to act: 'Solidarity is not an alternative, it is not an option, it is our only chance.’"––Melissa del Bosque

Kirkus Reviews

"A well-researched and grim exploration of the connections between climate change and the political hostility toward the refugees it creates. Journalist and activist Miller expands on his earlier focus on U.S.–Mexico border controversies with an alarming catalog of climatological effects on population movements, surveillance, violence, and other current issues. . . . A galvanizing forecast of global warming's endgame and a powerful indictment of America's current stance."

"An Interview with Author Todd Miller on Climate Change and Migration"
Oct 11, 2016
- No More Deaths - No Más Muertes