Psyche of Mirrors
Psyche of Mirrors
A Promenade of Portraits
Carolyn Kleefeld

Carolyn Kleefeld is an explorer of the most extraordinary dimensions, which she gracefully connects with a natural ease. In Psyche of Mirrors, I find myself traveling through portraits that open the gates to experiential understanding and offer surprising paths to complex and fantastic inner worlds. For instance, the story "Don't Give Blood to the Ghosts" has the potential to help us creatively disentangle from the kind of situation that might otherwise require several psychotherapy sessions. And we can be inspired much more by a gentle tale such as "Bernadine the Butterfly" than by advice alone. Even the best of lovers might learn something by observing the Schnoozlers. And the poem "The Diamond Buckle" evokes a variety of images that are both nourishing and stimulating. In fact, Psyche of Mirrors is filled with an abundance of images and metaphors, which, although I have lost my vision, take me on a journey of fresh new inner landscapes, birthing a kind of sight from within. May these characters and their stories ignite your imagination as they have mine. --Laura Archera Huxley author of You Are Not the Target and This Timeless Moment: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley --Back Cover

Do not take Psyche of Mirrors lightly. All these creatures, the Schnoozlers, Lisa-Fleur, Sui-lan, Bernadine the Butterfly and the others, have lives of their own and will not leave you alone after you have met them. They will come up in your dreams or in the most unexpected moments of the day to puzzle you, to haunt you, to inspire you. --Piero Ferrucci, author of The Power of Kindness --Back Cover

Congratulations on Psyche of Mirrors! It is an amazing accomplishment and a fantastic body of art, poetry and literature. The words make the worlds of the cosmic, the mystical and the spiritual all visible. The emotions are palpable. The divine and the mundane are not at odds or opposites. And nature unfolds in an infinite array of colors echoed in the expressive and imaginative artwork. It is a glimpse into a world made possible by a traveler whose journey is personal, revealing and without pretense. Again, congratulations and Bravo! --Adel Gorgy, nationally and internationally exhibited American artist, Creator of the new Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Broadside Series --Letter

About the Author
Born in Catford, England, Carolyn grew up in southern California, where she studied art and psychology at UCLA. In 1980 she moved to her cliff-side home high above the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California, where she studies, writes, and paints amidst the surrounding wilderness. A passion for creative expression and a lifelong fascination with spiritual transformation have ignited Carolyn to become an award-winning poet, writer, and artist. Her 10 other books have been used as inspirational texts in universities and healing centers, and are featured along with the writings of seven other acclaimed woman writers in a permanent course, The Other Half of the Sky: Eight Woman Writers, taught at Swansea University in Wales. Carolyn's books have been nominated for The Pushcart Prize, and her first book, Climates of the Mind, was translated into Braille by the Library of Congress. Her writings have been translated into Korean, Romanian, Arabic, and Bulgarian. Over the past two decades, Carolyn has created an extensive and diverse body of paintings and drawings, ranging in style from romantic figurative to abstract. The Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University exhibited a retrospective of Carolyn's paintings and drawings in 2008 and published an exhibition catalog, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld: Visions from Big Sur, with art from the exhibit and a commentary by museum curator and director, Michael Zakian, PhD. Carolyn's art is featured internationally in galleries, museums, private collections, and multimedia presentations.

Title Psyche of Mirrors
Subtitle A Promenade of Portraits
Author Carolyn Kleefeld
Publisher Cross-Cultural Communications
Co-publisher The Seventh Quarry Press
Title First Published 13 June 2012
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 223 p.
ISBN-10 0893043613
ISBN-13 9780893043612
Publication Date 13 June 2012
Main content page count 223
Weight 16 oz.

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