Collected Lyrics
Collected Lyrics
1970 - 2015

Initially published in 1998, Patti Smith's Complete Lyrics was a testimony to her uncompromising poetic power. Now, on the fortieth anniversary of the release of Horses, Smith’s groundbreaking album, Collected Lyrics has been revised and expanded with more than thirty-five additional songs and liberally illustrated with original manuscripts of lyrics from Smith’s extensive archive.

Patti Smith’s work continues to retain its relevance, whether controversial, political, romantic, or spiritual. Collected Lyrics offers forty-five years of song, an enduring commemoration of Smith’s unique contribution to the canon of rock and roll.

Title Collected Lyrics
Subtitle 1970 - 2015
Author Patti Smith
Publisher Ecco
Title First Published 21 November 2016
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 308 p.
ISBN-10 0062345168
ISBN-13 9780062345165
Publication Date 21 November 2016
Main content page count 308
Weight 16 oz.

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