The Clubhouse Thief
The Clubhouse Thief
James Janko

Winner of the AWP Prize for the Novel

"Part of me wanted to quit, let the Red Birds hammer us, and slink away to hibernate all winter. I had that old feeling of worthlessness running through me, and sadness, too. A coach, whatever his age, should be a reservoir of hope, but I, in my Cub heart, boarded a shipwreck, my own Titanic, and awaited the dark plunge into the familiarity of loss."

Billy Donachio, an aging coach for the Chicago Cubs, has never had a lucky day let alone a lucky year. Every team he has been part of and everything he has ever cared about has ended up in the dumps. When at last he's able to be a part of a winner, a Chicago Cub team on the cusp of World Series victory, Billy struggles with neurosis. A thief, a kleptomaniac, he loots the lockers of his star players and comes away with notes, letters, a neighborhood newspaper, a photograph, a computer disc. By accident, Billy receives an education.

Title The Clubhouse Thief
Author James Janko
Publisher New Internationalist
Title First Published 16 January 2018
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 307 p.
ISBN-10 1936970511
ISBN-13 9781936970513
Publication Date 16 January 2018
Main content page count 307
Weight 32 oz.